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Sunday, April 11th, 2010
Jessica Moore crawls provocatively across her office desk Jessica Moore releases her wonderful natural boobs
Jessica Moore shows us her big ass in a black thong Jessica Moore meets small-butt advocate, Keiran Lee while working out on her treadmill
Keiran gives Jessica a piece of his mind Keiran tries hard not to look at Jessica's big booty
Jessica wows Keiran with her naked butt Jessica begins her seduction of Keiran
Jessica teases Keiran's cock with her tongue Jessica Moore starts sucking Keiran's dick
Keiran Lee fucks Jessica Moore on and office desk Keiran fucks Jessica doggy style
Keiran Lee fucks Jessica Moore's asshole Jessica Moore in anal cowgirl
Keiran pulls out of Jessica's ass Jessica Moore squats and pushes cum out of her asshole and onto her desk
I don't know about you but I, for one, was really glad when Jessica Moore decided not to employ any women with small butts in her new big butt company!....We should all be well aware of the statistics by now!..Small buttocked women are 10% less productive in the workplace, 20% more likely to commit a crime, and 30% less likely to do anal!.....And yet even in light of this damning evidence, there are still a few out there who are advocating for the cheekily challenged!....Yesterday, Jessica had to deal with one of these strangely misguided, small-butts-rights groups!.....The "Organized Sisters Opposing Small Ass Discrimination" or "OSOSAD"!.....Luckily, our ample-bootied, little wonder is an extremely skillful negotiator!....And she instantly asked for a meeting with local businessman and OSOSAD spokesperson, Keiran Lee!....There are two reasons our crafty young heroine singled out Keiran from the other protesters!.....Not only would swaying the group's leader allow her to attack the organization from the top down....But as the only male member of the group, she was convinced Keiran would be their weakest link!....Of course, Jessica was absolutely right!...She only had to show Keiran that she had more than just a big ass working for her!.....And after becoming acquainted with Jessica's hot-ass lips, her her fine-ass tits, and her tight-ass pussy, he saw how well they all worked together and realized how much he needed a big ass like Jessica's on his staff!......Way to go, Jessica!...You made Keiran see that there's simply no room for small asses in the workplace!....And with their leader now, firmly, on our side, I don't think we'll be hearing from those OSOSAD teeny-tiny-booty lovers for a long, long time!

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Multiple Pairs Of Nice Breasts

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
Multiple Pairs Of Nice Breasts
Jessica Moore cups her boobs Brooke Banner cups her boobs
Jessica Moore spreads her ass cheeks Brooke Banner shows off her blue thong
Jessica shows us Brooke's pussy Brooke shows her guests her tits
Charles Dera checks out Jessica Moore's tits Johnny Sins sucks one of Brooke Banner's nipples
Jessica and Brooke suck off Johnny and Charles Brooke Banner sucking dick
Jessica Moore sucking dick Johnny Sins fucks Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore gets fucked by Charles Dera Jessica Moore and Brooke Banner make out with each other while being fucked, doggy style
Charles and Johnny cum on Brooke and Jessica Jessica Moore and Brooke Banner kiss and swap cum
Well!.... After suddenly being forced to change web servers last Thursday, finally, the majority of MyBustyCams seems to be up and running again!.....I can't begin to describe how much fun it wasn't trying to fix all the shit that got fucked up during the transfer so I'm not even going to try!....In the past, during times of great stress, looking at really great boobs like Brooke Banner's or Jessica Moore's has gone a long way towards making me feel better...But the last few days have just been too nerve-racking to be relieved even by watching scrumptious hooters like Brooke's or Jessica's!.....No!...I'm afraid the only way I was gonna get over this one was watching Brooke's and Jessica's hooters, at the same time!....Thank God they just happened to make a scene together or I think I'd still be crouched down in the corner of my living room banging my head against the wall and making strange gurgling sounds!.....So here are some pics and a video clip of the two beautiful young ladies whose combined boobies saved me from a mental breakdown.....It just go to show that there's no problem that can't be solved by multiple pairs of really nice breasts?

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When A Hot Ass Comes Along You Must Fuck It!

Friday, October 9th, 2009
When A Hot Ass Comes Along You Must Fuck It!
Hot bespectacled office tease, Jessica Moore Jessica Moore strips down to her bra and thong and whips out one lovely natural boob Jessica Moore kneels on the desk wearing only glasses and high heels Naked Jessica Moore teases us by keeping her legs together and hiding her pussy Jessica opens up her legs for Keiran Keiran gets rough with prick-tease, Jessica
Enter Free clips from Brazzers
Ever since the big shots over at Brazzers Cororate hired shameless Hungarian prick-tease, Jessica Moore...poor old Keiran Lee just hadn't been able to get any work done!.....With her incredibly shapely, perfectly round bubble butt and her unbelievably full, squishy natural breasts......the saucy siren continually dropped her belongings on the floor....all so as she had a flimsy excuce to bend over and wiggle her fantastic ass in Keiran's face!....Now...Some may argue that Keiran should have excercised a little more self control....But you have to understand...where he grew up in England, they're taught that when confronted with the outline of a sexy thong in a tight skirt...Well you just darn well hitch up that skirt, pull down that thong.....and give the bird's bum a bloody good spanking!....True to his British roots...that's just what Keiran did....And wouldn't you know it?....Jessica enjoyed the spanking so much that as soon as he'd finished, she got down on her knees and sucked Keiran's dick for him!....So...finally...after all the seemingly endless drooling, Keiran got to fuck the ass that had been tantalizing him so much.....But can you believe that horny, little Jessica still won't let him get any work done!......It's true that he's succeeded in getting her to stop wiggling her ass around in his face....But, somehow, he just can't seem to bring himself to ask her to stop wiggling it around on his cock!
Keiran gives office tease, Jessica's ass a well deserved spanking
Jessica Moore spreads her legs and sucks Keiran's cock
POV pic of Jessica Moore blowing Keiran Lee
Keiran finally gets to have his cock in Jessica's asshole Keiran pulls Jessica's hair while he fucks her butt Jessica Moore spreads her butt cheeks for Keiran Lee's dick Keiran gives Jessica an office desk booty fuck Jessica rides Keiran with her asshole Jessica Moore gets her beautiful, big, round ass fucked doggy style

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Is Jessica Moore Real

Saturday, August 8th, 2009
Is Jessica Moore Real
Jessica Moore reclines by the pool wearing see through lingerie
Jessica Moore in a sexy pose Busty European babe, Jessica Moore squeezes her big natural breasts together Jessica Moore exposes one boob
Jordan feels up Jessica's tits under her lingerie
Jessica gets a hold of Jordan's dick Jessica tongues the tip of Jordan's dick Jessica sucks down the side of Jordan's cock
Jessica wraps her tits around Jordan's cock
Jordan fucks Jessica doggy style Jordan finally gets his cock in Jessica's ass Jessica Moore gets anally fucked in reverse cowboy
Jessica cups her boobies while getting her ass fucked
Jessica gets her ass fucked across the couch Jordan pops all over Jessica's face and tits Jessica Moore poses for the camera after the cumshot
The last time Jessica Moore was at  Big Naturals, her tits caused such a sensation that they had to invite her back again just to make sure they weren't dreaming!.....So just to prove a point, she squeezed herself (and her tits) into the skimpiest, slinkiest little piece of lingerie she could find!.....Even then, with Jessica standing right there in the flesh, Jordan had to pinch himself to prove he was really awake....After which, of course, he realized that pinching Jessica's nipples would be alot more fun!.....While he was tweaking those lovely pink areolas of hers, Jordan decided to check and see what this hot, little Hungarian was packing in the booty department......And he was pleased to find that the only thing wrong with Jessica's ass was that it didn't have his cock in it yet!....Thankfully, though, that situation was soon rectified.....Jessica was concerned that Jordan might still not believe she wasn't just a figment of his imagination.....So she absolutely insisted that he was to ram his dick up her butt and not stop fucking her until he jizzed on her face!....Personally, I hope the  Big Naturals  guys never believe Jessica's real....I want them to keep inviting her back again!


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