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ED cure

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
ED cure
Cassandra Calogera and Sara Stone in sexy nurses uniforms
Today at MyBustyCams, we look at   Breast Worship 3!....Six vignettes...each one focusing on one crucial moment in the life of auter, Jules Jordan!....In this scene, Jules bravely documents his struggle with erectile dysfunction....and how he eventually overcomes this struggle with the help of two be more accurate....two busty sluts dressed as nurses...played by Cassandra Calogera and Sara Stone!....In the movie, Jules does a very convincing job playing himself....But the best performances come, without a doubt, from Nurse Calogera and Nurse Stone....the aforementioned busty sluts!....These two natural breasted wonders may never have seen the inside of a nursing school....but as Jules discovers here, there's nothing quite like two fake RN's with real DDs who give great BJs, to cure your ED!

So did I!....For some reason, these 4 clips stop playing after a couple of seconds!....But when it does stop playing, if you place your cursor just to the right of the red bar and left click your mouse, the rest of the 30 second clip should play....Sorry about that!

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Golden Girl

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
Golden Girl
Banner movie
Mark confronts 
office worker, Brooke, with her gold bikini Mark watches while Brooke strips down to her underwear
Naked Brooke Banner prepares to put on her golden thong Mark checks out beautiful Brooke in her gold bikini
Gold bikini 
babe, Brooke Banner, takes her boss's cock out and gives it a tug Brooke sucks cock in her gold bikini
Brooke sucks cock in her gold bikini Brooke teases her boss, Mark's cock with her tongue
Mark pulls 
Brooke's golden thong to the side and licks her pussy Mark fucks Brooke in missionary across her office desk
Brooke Banner rides her boss, Mark in reverse cowboy Mark shows us Brooke's fine ass while she rides his dick
Mark fucks 
Brooke doggy style Brooke kneels on her desk while Mark removes her high heeled shoes
Mark jerks off over the soles of Brooke's feet Mark cums on Brooke's feet
Enter Reality Kings
Embezzlement is a serious business.....And in most cases, the guilty party should be fired on the spot!.....But what happens when the guilty party turns out to be Brooke Banner?.....Are you really gonna let a girl who looks like that go?.......Well let's see, shall we?....We join our beautiful, young thief just as her crimes have been discovered!....Her boss, Mark, has been looking through her filing cabinets....and he has found a gold bikini along with a receipt proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the bikini has been charged, by Brooke, to the company!......In the face of such damning evidence, Mark has done the only sensible thing a boss can do when confronted with Brooke Banner and a dishonestly-aquired, gold bikini.....He has ordered her to, imediately, undress and put it on!....So the question is, with the busty, bikini clad Brooke in front of him, what should Mark's next course of action be?.....This is a toughie!....On the one hand, Brooke has been wantonly taking money from his company to spend on sexy lingerie.....But on the other, I think we can all agree that Brooke's new, gold bikini was totally worth the money no matter how much it cost!......In the end, Mark gave us an example of some of the initiative that propelled him to the head of a multi-billion dollar company!....He quickly solved the matter by making it clear to Brooke that if she'd let him nail her on top of her desk and then rub one out over her tootsies, they'd say no more about the matter!....I was so glad Mark decided not to fire Brooke!......Partly because I like her and I didn't want to see her loose her job......But mainly because, after giving Mark's ultimatum some thought, not only did she do all he asked....but she, also, gave him the hottest, noisiest, slurpiest blowjob I've watched in fucking ages....And all while wearing what could well be the sexiest bikini ever!......Do you know?....I never really believed all that shit about buying gold but looking at Brooke, I can see that it's true!....It really does keep going up!

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A Good Old Fashioned Spanking

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
A Good Old Fashioned Spanking
Principal Ash with chemistry teachers, Nikki Benz and Rachel Starr Jordan spanks Rachel and Nikki
Nikki Benz sucks Jordan's cock Rachel Starr sucks Jordan's cock
Jordan fucks Nikki's titties while sucking Rachel's Nikki and Rachel smother Jordan with their big boobs
Nikki and Rachel make out while smothering Jordan with their big boobs Nikki and Rachel lick the tip of Jordan's cock
Nikki sucks the tip of Jordan's dick while Rachel licks the shaft Rachel and Nikki kiss each other while sucking Jordan's dick
Rachel licks Nikki's pussy while getting fucked by Jordan Nikki licks Rachel's pussy while getting fucked by Jordan
Rachel licks Jordan's dick and eats Nikki's pussy at the same time Rachel Starr gets fucked on top of Nikki Benz
Nikki tastes Rachel's pussy juice from Jordan's dick Jordan cums over Nikki Benz and Rachel Starr
It's not easy being the principal of a tough, inner-city school, these days.....Just ask Jordan Ash!.....Many of his students are disrespectful...and, in some cases, violent!.....But thanks to the bleeding heart liberals, we can no longer thrash them to within an inch of their lives, the way we used to in the good old days!.....As if this weren't enough, our beleaguered Principal has another problem......His two bustiest science teachers, Rachel Starr and Nikki Benz, simply refuse to get along!.....You should have seen them going at it the other day!.....It looked as though these two DD divas were going to tear each other limb from limb!.....That's when Principle Ash decided that enough was enough!.....Thankfully, the rules about corporal punishment only apply to students, not teachers.....So he ordered Rachel and Nikki to bend over his desk while he gave them both a good old fashioned spanking!.....Was this punishment too harsh?....Maybe!....But Principal Ash felt sure that Rachel and Nikki would, one day, thank him for it....And as we can see, Jordan was absolutely right.....Rachel and Nikki thanked him for it, pretty much, immediately!....Now, don't get me wrong....I'm not suggesting we should bend Rachel and Nikki over a desk and spank them, every chance we get, whether they've done anything wrong, or not!....Oh....Who am I trying to kid?.....That's exactly what I'm suggesting we should do!

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True Lust Is Never Easy

Friday, September 3rd, 2010
True Lust Is Never Easy
Krissy Lynn movie
Krissy Lynn poses wearing a yellow bikini and covered in baby oil Krissy Lynn jiggles her big wet butt with her thong strap
Krissy Lynn sits in an inflatable tub full of baby oil and rubs her boobs Krissy Lynn is approached in the tub by Voodoo
Voodoo releases Krissy's big boobs Voodoo pulls Krissy's thong strap under her butt cheeks
Voodoo massages Krissy's ass Krissy wriggles her tongue around in the tip of Voodoo's dick
Krissy Lynn sucks Voodoo's cock Krissy Lynn rides Voodoo
Voodoo penetrates Krissy's asshole Krissy Lynn in anal reverse cowgirl
Krissy Lynn anal doggy style Voodoo fucks Krissy's ass
Voodoo nuts over Krissy's ass Krissy Lynn poses with jiz on her ass
Enter Reality Kings
Falling in lust is a funny thing isn't it?.....I mean, dick has always had strong feelings for Krissy!....But it wasn't until I saw her writhing around in this inflatable tub full of baby oil that I realized just how strong those feelings really are!.....And after watching Voodoo first pound.....then nut over that wonderfully shiny ass, I finally knew that this was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life jerking off to!....Oh what a fool I am!.....If only I'd paid closer attention to Krissy in the past!......Then I would have noticed just how shapely and round her booty is!....Although, in my defense, I've never seen it looking quite so wet and delicious as it does here!....But enough with the excuses, already!....I have a hell of a lot of lost time to make up for!....So in the future, I vow to spend as much time as I possibly can watching Krissy perform in this scene, that other really awesome one she did for Big Tits Boss a few weeks ago, and anything else she's been in or will be in!.....I know, I know....that's quite a commitment!....Believe poor dick is still recovering from watching this one!.....It won't be easy!.....But then...true lust never is, is it?

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