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Great Porn Stars Of The 21st Century: Jane Darling

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
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Now for one of the greatest porn stars of this century.....The unbelievably gorgeous, not-one-goddamn-thing-wrong-with-her, czech sex-bomb Jane Darling !.....Freedom shmeedom !.....The best thing about the fall of the Soviet Empire was the veritable slew of sizzling hot, Eastern European beauties that flooded the porn industry afterwards !.....We begin with the lovely Jane sitting on a sofa staring invingly into the camera....Her striped tank-top is lowered to reveal her big breasts and her black skirt is raised so as Jane has easy access to her wonderful pussy !....In clip two, we cut to on her knees...and making yummy-noises while she enjoys sucking on two cocks.........In clip three, we find Jane facing towards the camera...her fabulous tits jiggling up and down as one dude fucks her pussy..and the other one fucks her ass !....Tip !.....Look at how fantastic Jane's tits look as the guy beneath her holds them together....before slapping the huge mounds around for a while !......In clip four, one of the guys disappears for a as the other one can concentrate on Jane's asshole unhindered.....He tries placing his foot on her head...but Jane will have none of it !....Which is good from my point of view because I have to admit...the rough stuff kinda turns my stomach !...And finally, Jane takes a couple of shots of cum in her mouth....Nice work Jane !.......Clips come courtesy of
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