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Desperately Seeking Olivia

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
Olivia's Yummy Chocolaty Booty
Olivia Winters looks terrific here in her little leopard skin top and tiny denim shorts I've seen Olivia in tiny shorts like these a few times now so she knows how good she looks in them....Notice the sexy pink thong strap peeking over the top Olivia looks very sexy indeed in this sideways pose Olivia smiles and whips out her perfect natural tits Olivia prepares to discard the tiny shorts
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Olivia shows off the booty that everybody's talking about This is almost the same as the last pic but one can never have too much of Olivia's ass Olivia displays the cock sucking skills that first made me fall head over heels in love with her Olivia Winters with a cock in her ass..It doesn't get much better than this Olivia rubs her pink pussy while receiving an anal pounding
Dude fucks Olivia's pussy to see if it feels as good as her ass Olivia compensates for the lack of cock in her as by sticking a finger in there Olivia spreads her awesome butt cheeks Wonderfully natural looking pic of Olivia being fucked Olivia squeezes the shit out of one of her titties while she gets her snatch slammed hard
Ahhhhh!!!!....Olivia Winters!...aka Olivia, aka Winter Sky, aka Winter, aka Alivia, aka Ulivia!....I mention all those aliases for a couple of reasons!....First of all, if you happen to click on Olivia's HotMovie link at the bottom of the post, you may want to search for her under some of those other names to make sure you don't miss any of her wonderful performances!....And secondly, Did you know that back in about 2004 when I first fell for Olivia, I already had two other Olivia movies in my collection?....Of course you didn't know could you?....That was a stupid question!......But...moving on....I didn't realize it was her because she was going under a different name in each movie!.....I thought that she looked kind of familiar but it wasn't until a much later date when I actually played one of the other movies that I thought to myself.."That's the same girl!".....An internet search for Olivia not only proved me right...but showed me that she was in another movie in my collection as well!....If you're interested, the movie I fell for her in was  Suckin'-n-Jivin' 2....The movie I was watching when I said to myself..."That's the same girl!" was  P.O.V. 3 where she was simply billed as Olivia....And other movie, which at the time, I'd pretty much forgotten I even owned was  No Swallowing Allowed 2!.....She was just called Winter in that one!.....The pics and clips here are from those wonderful people at if you pay particular attention to clips one and three....I think you'll realize why I enjoyed Olivia in Suckin'-n-Jivin' so much!....And if you check out clip 3, you'll also see why Olivia has one of the best goddamn booties in the whole wide world!

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Chocolate Cutie-Pie, Olivia Winters

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
Chocolate Cutie-Pie, Olivia Winters
Ebony hottie, Olivia Winters enjoys chowing down on a big white dick
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I was watching cute little ebony wet dream, Olivia Winters last night....and I just had to knock out a quick screen capture........I don't watch her all that often now....but beautiful, black stunner, Olivia belongs in the list of porno hotties I've been totally obsessed with at some point.....The screencap is from  Peter North's POV 3 .....It was the first scene I saw her in and I was blown away imediately!........Unfortuanately, the fucking box cover had her listed as "Olivia".....and of course, when I tried searching for her.....there were about 1000 Olivias......Luckily, though....It wasn't too long before I was watching another movie....and there she was....listed with her full name.....Olivia Winters...An internet search revealed that she'd also appeared as Winter Sky, Alivia...and Olivia........And for the next two months or so, I went on a frantic DVD frenzy......So....If you're as smitten with Olivia as I am, there are some clips of her below....and the whole movie is available for download by clicking on the screencap

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Havana Ginger And Olivia Winters Share A Nasty Gift…

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters at pic 1
Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters Free Clip 1 Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters Free Clip 2 Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters Free Clip 3 Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters Free Clip 4 Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters Free Clip 5
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Now it's time for two very beautiful young ladies..One of whom I'm kind of familiar with...and the other one who I was in love with a while ago !...I became very interested in Havana Ginger in about 2004....She was called Mika Brown back then and she was all natural !... She had really nice tits and I have a bit of a problem adjusting when a girl I'm used to being natural suddenly goes fake !....Don't get me wrong..she looks great..but I'm not used to her boobs yet...I will start watching her again eventually....(incidentally, I went through periods where I stopped watching both Shyla Stylez and Caramel for the same reason !...I watch both those two stars avidly now !...It just takes a bit of getting used to !)....The other girl...the one who I was in love with for a while !...Olivia Winters !....Damn !..That girl is fine !...So pretty !....beautiful big(ish) tits !...And a great big juicy sista-booty !...who could ask for more?....Anyway, in these clips we find the two beatiful young women (Havana's natural here and called Mika still) tag-teaming that lucky, fucking bastard Mr. Marcus !...We start with Olivia sitting on a sofa being interviewed by Marcus...Marcus asks her to show him her booty....Porn star that she is...instead of slapping his face, she gets up and does exactly as he says..even letting him spank the lovely thing !....In clip two...Havana/Mika has arrived and the two gorgeous gals are sucking on Marcus's dick !...At the end of the clip, Havana/Mika lays back to play with her pussy and we get a nice view of her tits the way they used to look !....I still think they looked better then...but I'm probably in the minority !...Oh well !...On to clip three....and Marcus is now fucking Olivia while she eats Havana's pussy....Watch for Olivia's booty jiggling on Marcus's cock and you'll understand one of the reasons I was so in love with this girl !....Clip four has both women being fucked in the ass, while clip five has Marcus cumming into their mouths !...This is a hell of a finish...with the girls first kissing while cum drips from their mouths....then Mika spits cum all over Olivia's tits and licks it off again !...Good Stuff ! .......Clips come courtesy of
Havana Ginger and Olivia Winters at pic 2

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