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Enchanting Ariel And Lovely Lacey

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
Enchanting Ariel And Lovely Lacey
Bikini bombshells, Ariel Alexus and Lacey Duvalle
Ariel's nipples are covered by two tiny golden pieces of material Lacey's no slouch in her blue denim bikini Ariel and Lacey bare their oiled up booties
Ariel gropes Lacey's tits
Lacey relieves Ariel of her denim skirt Ariel smiles as she watches Lacey sucking dick Ariel decides to give the cock a try
Ariel Alexus and Lacey Duvalle lick up and down the side of a cock
Ariel licks Lacey's pussy Lacey spreads Ariel's pink pussy lips Cowgirl Ariel's delicious black booty
Lacey and Ariel stick their asses out and take it in turns to get fucked
Ariel waits her turn as Lacey gets fucked from behind You can just see Ariel's pussy as Lacey gets fucked in doggy White guy jizzes on two beautiful black booties
This scene was both totally awesome and totally frustrating at the same time!....Awesome because it stars two of the hottest girls on earth, Ariel Alexus and Lacey Duvalle.....And frustrating because I wanted so badly to see Ariel and Lacey making out...which they hardly ever did!.....There was one part while the two girls were outside sucking a cock when the director told them to lick it up and down the sides....It looked fantastic and he deserves alot of credit.....But just as their lips reached the end of the guy's dick and they were about to start kissing, the director stopped them and told them to go in the house!....I was so pissed at him!...But I forgave him very quickly when he focused the camera on Ariel's ass as she was walking inside!....And while I'm on the subject of Ariel's ass, can I just mention how fucking stunning these two looked at the opening of the scene!.....Ariel was wearing what can only be described as a long, golden piece of string that did virtually nothing to hide her pussy and those sexy inverted nipples of hers....It made Lacey's itsy bitsy bikini look huge by comparison!....Not that Lacey didn't look stunning, too...but I have to admit, at least at the beginning, it was Ariel's extended butt floss that grabbed most of my attention!......During the fucking part of the scene, Lacey and Ariel did start kissing for a few seconds....but it wasn't nearly long enough....That aside, they did eat each other out, quite a bit...and Lacey sucked Ariel's tits alot which I fucking loved!.....And one thing that did make up for the lack of hot black girls making out was the sight of Lacey licking cum from Ariel's ass....It was truly beautiful!....I can honestly say I could not take my fucking eyes off this scene from start to finish....And when a porn scene goes on for 55 minutes and it's not long know it was good!
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