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Jazmine Cashmere and Mone Divine

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Jazmine Cashmere and Mone Divine

Jazmine Cashmere gets down for Mone Divine Jazmine and Mone squat and make out with each other
Mone gets down for Jazmine Mone Divine and Jazmine Cashmere do a little tongue kissing
Mone sucks cock while Jazmine licks along the shaft Mone and Jazmine lick up and down the side of a big dick
Jazmine deepthroats while Mone licks the dude's balls Jazmine titty fucks a guy while tongue kissing with Mone
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Now that  Black Ice Pass  have finally started promoting their shit, I can post a couple more scenes from  Chicken Heads....the best goddamn blowjob movie I've seen in years!.....It came out back in 2007 and I was glad to see that they released a Chicken Heads 2  last year so I'll have to take a look at that one soon!....Hopefully they'll keep making them as a kind of chocolate lovers answer to  ZTOD's Blow Me Sandwich series....Actually, a while ago, before they released the galleries from this movie, I made some screen captures of Misti Love and Aliana Love which, for me, was the best scene....I actually kind of like the way the pictures came out so I haven't decided whether to go back and update it or not...Maybe if I'm bored, one day, I'll make a high resolution gallery of that one and change the banners from  ZTOD  to  Black Ice Pass....In the meantime, though, here's Jazmine Cashmere and Mone Divine....I'm a huge fan of both girls...but although I've watched tons of Mone's stuff....I've only seen 3 or 4 of Jazmine's scenes which is a shame because she's a terrific pornstar!....She gives a wonderfully nasty blowjob...and, as well as this scene, I strongly recommend that you check her out in  Meat On The Grill....More chicken heads on the way!

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