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Alexis Breeze Keyboard Rests

Friday, August 27th, 2010
Alexis Breeze Keyboard Rests
Alexis Breeze in sexy office wear Alexis Breeze shows off her polka dot panties
Alexis Breeze begins removing her polka dot bra Alexis Breeze squats on a desk and gives us a black stocking booty shot
Naked, Alexis Breeze rubs her pussy Naked, Alexis Breeze holds open her pussy lips
Jordan tries out his new Alexis Breeze keyboard Rest Alexis Breeze sucks Jordan's cock with her legs open
Closeup of Alexis Breeze sucking dick Jordan fucks Alexis over his office desk
Alexis Breeze in reverse cowgirl Jordan fucks Alexis doggy style
Jordan Ash fucks Alexis Breeze Jordan Ash fucks Alexis Breeze
Alexis jerks Jordan off into her mouth Alexis Breeze licks jiz from the tip of a cock
Do your wrists ache after a long hard day's typing in front of your office computer?.....If the answer is yes, then you may wish to consider this lovely Alexis Breeze Keyboard Rest!....I'm sure you can see just how comfortable Alexis is to rest your tired hands on...and this marvelous piece of office eye-candy is guaranteed to bring relief to those parts of your body that need it the most!.....It may interest you to know that Alexis hasn't always been a keyboard rest!....This wonderful, new function was actually discovered, quite recently, by her boss, Jordan Ash!.....Jordan had often thought about those tits and how much more pleasurable his job would be if he could fondle them while he worked....So when Alexis confronted him about getting new equipment for her office, it gave him the perfect opportunity to barter!.....Fifteen minutes later, the Alexis Breeze Keyboard Rest was conceived....But as you can see, there's way more cool stuff you can do with Alexis than just that!....Fingers tired from all those keystrokes?....Just stick one or two in her ass and give it a jiggle!....Feeling tense?....Simply slide your cock into her mouth...then sit back and feel all that tension just oozing away!....With the Alexis Breeze Keyboard Rest you can kiss those aches and pains goodbye!....Or even can get Alexis to kiss them goodbye!

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Breezing Ahead

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Breezing Ahead
Alexis Breeze dressed as a sexy schoolgirl Alexis Breeze crawls along the desk in her pink bra and thong Alexis Breeze reveals one breast Alexis Breeze poses naked lying on a classroom desk
Alexis Breeze sits on a desk in a naked legs open pose
Johnny Sins says goodbye to his two big boobed students so as he can concentrate on Alexis Alexis shows Mr. Sins her bra Alexis takes her teacher's dick between her tits Alexis Breeze sucks dick
POV pic of Alexis Breeze sucking dick
Alexis Breeze gets fucked in missionary Alexis Breeze gets fucked doggy style Alexis Breeze gets fucked in reverse cowboy Alexis Breeze gets fucked in cowgirl
Mr. Sins nuts on Alexis's face and tits
Finally, educational institutions around the country have begun to stop filling young girls' heads with useless information about subjects they'll never use like "Music" and "Art History" and "English".....and started giving them more practical life lessons such as using their breasts to their advantage!.....Sadly, not all of these institutions are living in the present....and some tit-loving pioneers like Brazzersville Community College's Johnny Sins have been forced to advise these big-breasted beauties in secret!.....Actually, Sins had a bit of a scare, the other day, when and unwitting student...A Miss Alexis Breeze....walked in on him while he was tutoring two of his bustier students!.....But as it happens, Miss Breeze had, recently, spent a fortune on a lovely, huge pair of fake titties, herself, and she agreed to keep Sins's extracurricular activies quiet in exchange for some tips on how to work them!.....It's a pity that the rest of the faculty didn't get to see Miss Breeze and Mr. Sins, together.....If they did, I'm sure they'd understand why he loves working with big tits so much...and that like all the best educators, he enjoys sharing a big part of himself with his students!....Sins is, quite simply, a perfectionist....And it is his belief that a girl with lovely, big boobies like Alexis should be fully aware of how to use them to get ahead....And even more important that she should be fully aware of how to use them while she's giving head!

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Fuck Me!…You’re Hired!

Friday, September 18th, 2009
Fuck Me!...You're Hired!
The jaw dropping booty of lovely Latina, Alexis Breeze
Alexis Breeze sits on a rock in Voodoo's back yard Voodoo reads the paper totally unaware of the gorgeous ass behind him Voodoo finally checks out Alexis's ass as she waters his plants
An extreme close up of Alexis Breeze's ass just for the hell of it
Voodoo prepares to pounce on Alexis's ass Voodoo fiddles with Alexis thong Voodoo waters Alexis's booty to see if it will grow even more
Voodoo squeezes Alexis Breeze's beautiful butt cheeks
Alexis Breeze takes out Voodoo's dick Alexis sucks Voodoo's cock Voodoo penetrates Alexis
The wonderful Alexis Breeze gets fucked in doggy
Another shot of Alexis Breeze's lovely ass as she gets fucked Voodoo nuts on Alexis Breeze's ass Alexis tastes some of the cum from her ass
When Voodoo put out an ad for somebody to water his flowers, he got over 200 applicants!......Alot of the resumes were very impressive...but somehow, he managed to narrow it down to just two....A Mr. Alessandro Bonanno....a magnanimous, 50 something Italian immigrant with a really, wonderful sense of humor.....And a Miss Alexis Breeze....a luscious, 20 something Latina student with a really, wonderful booty!.....Miguel's interview went really well!....He had Voodoo in hysterics with his hilarious stories...and he had taken care of the gardens and watered the plants for some of the most prestigious families in Europe!......But then Alexis showed up wearing a tiny, green mini dress and a little, white thong.....And no amount of dirty jokes or landscaping experience could have competed with that ass!.....It was a tough break for Alessandro.....I don't care how hot Alexis was....Voodoo just had no right to physically throw him out of the house, that way!.....But, actually, everything turned out quite well!....After being tossed from Voodoo's house, Alessandro got up from the floor and almost immediately met, and fell in love with a Miss Agnes MacCougar....A 30 something Scottish MILF she puts it.."A wee Italian accent fetish!".....Alessandro and Agnes are now married and living in Boise Idaho!......And Alexis turned out to be an absolute godsend for Voodoo!....True...most of his flowers have died of thirst....But Alexis takes such good care of his hose that he really couldn't care less!
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