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Brazzers Girls Nyomi Banxxx and Tia Cherry: Nerd Busters

Monday, December 15th, 2008
Brazzers Girls Nyomi Banxxx and Tia Cherry: Nerd Busters
Tia's and Nyomi's big, black booties in corsets, thongs and black stockings Tia and Nyomi form a booty stack Tia and Nyomi lay booty to booty on the bed Tia and Nyomi pose with their arms around each other Kieran is confronted with Tia and Nyomi in their sexy lingerie Nyomi and Kieran check out Tia's gorgeous ass

Kieran Lee was becoming so nerdy that his friends were getting worried about him!.....Like most 20 somethings, these guys just wanted to have fun....But getting Kieran away from his computer was a seemingly impossible task!.......One day, Kieran's best friend realized that the situation called for desperate measures....This was a job for nerd busters, Nyomi Banxxx and Tia Cherry!.....With their super-fine titties and firm, round, ebony booties....Nyomi and Tia specialized in extracting nerds like Kieran from their computers....and to this day, of all the nerds who'd come into contact with this sizzling sista act, not one of their geeky dicks were left standing!.....Kieran was powerless to resist!....By the time Tia and and Nyomi had finished with him, the former dork didn't even know what a dual core 2.4 GHz processor was!....The two girls had done their job...and now it was time to return to the hot babe paradise from whence they came...until some other nerd needed their services!.....Kieran is much, much happier now!....He regulary parties with his friends and he now prefers lap dances to laptops!....All in a day's work for sexy nerd busters, Nyomi Banxxx and Tia Cherry.
Kieran squeezes Nyomi's butt cheeks together
Nyomi and Kieran grab one of Tia's butt cheeks each
Nyomi and Tia lick up and down Kieran's dick Tia takes care of the shaft of Kieran's cock while Nyomi sucks the tip Kieran pounds Nyomi's sweet, little pussy Kieran fucks Tia in the ass Nyomi gets her butt fucked by Kieran while Tia sucks on one of her big titties Nyomi enjoys some hot anal while feeling up Tia's boobs

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