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Kelly Just Can’t Work On An Empty Ass

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
Kelly Just Can't Work On An Empty Ass
Kelly Devine in a purple stripy top and a denim skirt Kelly gets her tits out Kelly opens up her legs and shows off her pink thong Kelly's big booty is about to get a good seeing to Kelly Devine with Scott Nails Scott gets an eyeful of Kelly's ass
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Kelly had been trying, in vain, to come up with ideas for the new erotic novel she was writing, all morning!....It was a good job that Scott arrived at the door when he did.....Otherwise, she'd probably never have got any work done!....The trouble had been a while since Kelly had had sex.....And whenever Kelly got horny, she could never seem to concentrate on her writing!....That's why it was such a relief when Scott walked in holding a handful of her mail that had been delivered to his house by mistake!....She had it on good authority that her neighbour was extremely well hung....And if she was going to be inspired, at all, today...she was going to need something enormous...preferably rammed firmly up her asshole!.....Kelly rarely had any trouble persuading strange men to fuck her ass....It was shapely and round...and seemed almost as though it was built to be fucked!....When she saw the look on Scott's face as she bent down to pick up a piece of "accidentally" dropped mail, it was perfectly obvious that she would have no problem persuading him, either!....She was right!...Scott fucked Kelly's ass like it was the last ass on earth!....And with her head clear...and her ass satisfied, she could finally get back to work on her novel!
Kelly tempts Scott with her ass
Kelly marvels at Scott's dick
Kelly rests Scott's dick between her tits
Kelly sucks Scott's cock Scott fucks Kelly in the ass Kelly rides Scott's cock with her asshole Kelly gets a doggy style anal fucking Kelly Devine gets her ass fucked POV style Kelly lowers her butthole onto Scott's dick

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Kelly Has Enough Ass For Everyone

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
Kelly Has Enough Ass For Everyone
Kelly Devine holds her blue pants under her gorgeous bare ass cheeks
Kelly Devine displays her pussy bulging out of a pink thong Kelly Devine clenches her butt cheeks Kelly takes down her pants
Kelly sticks out her ass and shows off her bulging pussy
Jordan Ash and Ramon Nomar check out Kelly Devine's tits Jordan licks Kelly's areola Jordan and Ramon grab one of Kelly's butt cheeks each
Kelly Devine licks one cock while jerking off another
Kelly Devine sucking two dicks Kelly deep throats Jordan while Ramon fucks her ass Jordan helps to spread Kelly's ass cheeks for Ramon
Ramon nuts between Kelly's butt cheeks
Kelly sucks Jordan to climax Jordan cums in Kelly's mouth Kelly cleans the rest of Jordan's jiz from his dick
Did you ever look at Kelly Devine's  monster curves  and think to yourself..."Man...I'd like to hit that!"?....Stupid fucking question...Of course you did!.....But that's just the problem!....You see...Ramon had been fantasizing about nailing Kelly for years.....And now that she was sitting down right next to him ready to give it up, Jordan (who had his own dirty ideas about what he'd like to do to Kelly) was sitting on the other side of her!....This awkward situation could have led to a huge fight...but, luckily, years of solving disputes between guys who wanted to fuck her had taught Kelly one or two negotiating skills!....A little discussion disclosed that Ramon was a booty man....and he had this fantasy where after he'd fucked Kelly, he'd hold his dick between her butt cheeks and jerk off till he nutted all over her ass!.....Jordan loved Kelly's ass, too!....But what he really wanted was to shoot his load all over her pretty face!....In the end, it was decided that there was more than enough of Kelly's ass for everyone to enjoy....and there was no reason why both men couldn't fuck her and cum wherever they wanted!...Problem solved!...Nice work, Kelly!  


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Give Those Asses Some Love

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Give Those Asses Some Love
Britney Stevens and Kelly Divine loose their panties and show their asses Kelly showers the soap suds from Britney's big wet butt Britney sprays down Kelly's pussy in the bathtub Britney Stevens in a pink bikini with little white lovehearts Britney in the shower Kelly Divine pulls her bikini bottoms down over her ass
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Britney and Kelly were really pissed off with their servant, Johnny.....They were making him massage baby oil into their booties......But somehow, his heart just wasn't in it!.....Kelly, especially, got extremely angry....She'd been looking forward to this booty massage all day....and she warned Johnny that if he didn't start giving those big, fleshy cheeks the worship they deserved...she'd set her husband on him!.....Johnny knew all too well that Kelly wasn't one to make idle threats....and if he wanted to avoid getting his ass kicked, he'd better do a damn good job on hers!....That's when Johnny finally rose to the occasion and really began to give those two big booties some real love....In the end, not only was he putting his heart into those asses....he was slamming his dick into them, as well!
Kelly squats down at the side of the bath
Britney watches as Johnny Sins checks out Kelly's ass
Kelly spreads Britney's butt cheeks as Johnny sticks one finger in her ass
Britney and Kelly both suck Johnny's dick Britney squeezes Johnny's balls as he fucks Kelly Johnny fucks Kelly's buttcheeks while Johnny fucks her asshole Kelly licks Johnny's cock as it slides in and out of Britney's ass The two girls, Britney and Kelly make out while Johnny enjoys some anal Britney licks Kelly's pussy while she has her ass fucked by Johnny

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