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Vicky’s Cum-Covered Booby Snack

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
Busty Brooke And Voluptuous Vicky
Awesome MILF Vicky Vette Vicky leans forward and cups her big naked boobs A nice booty shot from Vicky Vette Gorgeous Brooke Banner kind of wearing some cute lingerie Brooke smiles as naughty MILF Vicky gropes her boobs

Vicky and Brooke squish their massive tits together
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Vicky holds onto Brooke's hair and rides her like a horse Vicky prepares Kurt Lockwood's cock for Brooke's pussy Vicky Vette eating out Brooke Banner Vicky Vette with Kurt Lockwood's dick in her pussy and his thumb in her asshole Brooke looks a little pissed off  that Vicky's getting fucked and she isn't
Sorry but I can't figure out if this is Brooke's pussy or Vicky's Lockwood runs his finger between Brooke's ass crack as he fucks her Vicky sucks some of Brooke's yummy pussy juice from Kurt's cock Vicky greedily watches as Lockwood drops a huge load of cum on Brooke's tits Lunch time for Vicky as she slurps up the jiz from Brooke's boobs
Last night, I decided it was time for an oldie but ball-blisteringly goldie!....So I dug up this old chestnut from ZTODs Double Decker Sandwich 2!...It stars Brooke Banner and Vicky Vette and it has a very special place on my little mental list of favorite scenes!....I can remember seeing both these girls for the first time but I can't remember the names of the movies!....In Vicky's case, that's not really a problem!....I liked the look of a picture I saw of her so I downloaded the scene and it's hard to believe now but I have to tell you that at the time it was a real snooze fest!......In the case of Brooke, though, it's really frustrating!.....The image of the first time I saw those gorgeous, natural boobies covered in cum is burned into my brain!....But somehow, I kind of lost track of the movie and now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called!.....I've tried doing searches and looking at screencaps but nothing rings a bell!....And with well over 200 movies to her credit, Brooke's a very busy girl so even for a porn-addled pervert like me, it would be a very tall order to watch all her movies till I found it!......But I can definitely say I fell in love with Brooke instantly!....In fact, I might never have watched Vicky again if she hadn't been appearing with Brooke in this scene!....I thought it might be one of those jobs where your trying to focus on one girl and the other keeps getting in the way!.....But to my utmost pleasure, both girls blew me away!....And after watching it"came away" a huge fan of Vicky's as well as Brooke's!....Can you believe that Vicky is over 40 years old?....I'd say I want some of whatever she's been eating but I've seen her sucking a few too many cocks!....Anyway, there are clips of this scene below...but I'd advise you to check out the whole thing!....If your a fan of cum-covered boobies you'll get to see Brookes lovely big tits get creamed at the end!....And for anyone who prefers to watch chicks eating cum, the wonderful Vicky Vette is standing by to lick it all off!

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