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A Very Controversial Matter

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
A Very Controversial Matter
Hot Brazzers student, Capri Cavalli Capri removes her panties Jayden James pulls her thong up under her butt cheeks Jayden flashes her ample cleavage Jayden and Capri get up close and personal Jayden argues with Mr. Sins about her grades
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Today at MyBustyCams, we take a look at the controversial subject of teachers who have sex with their students in exchange for good grades!....Conventional wisdom says that this practice is wrong...and, for the most part, I would agree....But what if the student in question is really, really hot?....Should we make an exception?....Or should we treat these hotties as if they were the just the same as anybody else?.....To illustrate...we take a look at the case of Cavalli and James vs. Sins!.....On October 27,2009, Brazzers student, Capri Cavalli walked into an appointment with her teacher, Mr. Sins to find him spanking the bare bottom of one of her fellow students....A Miss Jayden James!....Of course, Cavalli was horrified!....But she was also curious and eager to raise her GPA....So when Mr. Sins asked her to come over and join in on the fun, she agreed!....Mr. Sins then proceeded to have wild, steamy sex with the two hot students before, ultimately, ejaculating in both of their faces!...Needless to say, there has been much discussion about the case!....There are those who say that sex for grades is immoral no matter how fine the students are....But equally convincing are the arguments that Jayden's ass is so luscious that it thoroughly deserves to be spanked....and that any man would be foolish to pass up the opportunity of ejaculating over two smoking hot babes like these!...I've been struggling with this issue for, at least, the last 15 minutes and I still can't come up with an answer!....So I'll ask you....Should Mr. Sins be allowed to keep his job?....Watch the video clip of the events and decide for yourselves!
Capri walks in to find Mr. Sins spanking Jayden
Mr. Sins feels up Jayden and Capri
Capri passes Mr. Sins's cock to Jayden to suck on
Jayden forces Capri's head down on Mr. Sin's dick Mr. Sins fucks Jayden while she eats Capri's pussy Mr. Sins fucks Capri while she and Jayden 69 each other Capri holds Jayden's pussy open while she's being fucked Jayden licks Capri's pussy while Mr. Sins fucks her Jayden and Capri give the camera a fierce look

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