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Classic Kali

Thursday, February 5th, 2009
Classic Kali
Kali West tries to pull her nipples off Kali West wearing black stockings and butt floss Kali slides her hand into her thong Johnny gets a load of Kali's perfect natural boobs Johnny nibbles Kali's nipple
Kali sucks Johnny's dick on her knees
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Kali sucks Johnny's cock on all fours Close up of Kali sucking Johnny's dick Johnny stands above Kali as she blows him Kali shows off her ass again Nice view of Kali's pussy as she gives Johnny head
Johnny squeezes Kali's booty Johnny spreads Kali's ass cheeks Johnny fucks Kali from behind Kali looks at the camera as Johnny fucks her doggy style Kali gets her snatch stuffed
Is it just me...or does Kali West look like a 1940s movie star in this gallery?...Kind of like Rita Hayworth or Lana Turner?....Of course, I'm refering to Kali's hair and make up!....I've never seen Rita Hayworth or Lana Turner naked...but I'm pretty sure neither of them had a pair of tits like Kali's!.....Johnny Depth's presence also does alot to shatter the illusion!.....You hardly ever saw a black guy in the movies back then...and you certainly never saw a black guy with his dick in a white girls mouth!....At least, I don't think so!....I must say, Kali looks pretty, fucking good with golden hair!....Johnny thought so too when he saw her coming out of the grocery store!...That's why he approached her and asked her if she'd like to go back to his place!...It had been a while since Kali had sucked a dick so she didn't take much convincing!....When they got to Johnny's place, Kali couldn't wait to feel Johnny's dick inside her...and Johnny couldn't wait to get his hands on those superb, natural tits!....And his hands weren't all he couldn't wait to get on them!....After he'd fucked her and shot his load in her mouth, he asked Kali if she'd spit the jiz on her boobs and rub it into her nipples which she promptly did!....You won't see that in a 1940s movie!....At least, I don't think so!

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