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Ami Tans Her Tits

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Ami Tans Her Tits
Sexy pornstar, Ami Jordan in a red one-piece swimsuit
Ami squeezes her boobs Ami sticks out her ass Ami takes her tits out of her bathing suit
Ami lets her big jugs dangle
Naked Ami Jordan in a sexy pose Ami rubs her tits and her pussy Ami finds a cock to suck
Ami rests the cock between her tits
Lucky dude feels Ami's boobs Ami fills her mouth with dick Ami gets her pussy licked
Ami gets fucked in missionary
Ami in reverse cowboy Ami gets titty fucked Ami gets a rack full of nut
Oh no!.....Ami Jordan's jugs are so big that she's run out of tanning lotion...and the only way she can get her hands on any more is to ask her next door neighbour!....He's a real horndog and if he's going to lend Ami some lotion, he's going to want something in return!....It's extremely likely that he'll want his cock the very least he's going to insist that Ami lets him massage the lotion into her tits, himself....and he's probably going to want to fuck her, too!.....Now there's no way that Ami's a slut...but, on the other hand, the day's much too nice for her to go back inside...and she simply can't let those big, delicious, natural boobies of her get sunburned!....Looks like it's time for Ami to open up those lovely legs of hers and invite the nextdoor neighbour in!
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