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See you soon, Melody

Monday, June 15th, 2009
See you soon, Melody
Melody Nakai in a sexy pink bikini
Melody Nakai points her perfect dark brown areolas at the camera Melody uses her shorts to jiggle her bootly Melody strips nude
Naked Melody Nakai opens her legs and rubs her pussy
Ramon pours oil over Melody's boobs Melody gets ready to suck Ramon's dick Melody rubs oil into her tits and her pussy while sucking off Ramon
POV pic of Melody Nakai sucking Ramon Nomar's dick
Ramon licks Melody's pussy Ramon hold Melody's legs in the air and fucks her Melody rides Ramon
Melody Nakai gets fucked in reverse cowboy
Melody Nakai gets fucked doggy style Ramon pops on Melody's ass Melody shows off her jiz covered ass
I've completely lost count of the number of times I've logged in to  Round And Brown  and stared slack-jawed at some babelicious, smoking-hot, ebony stunner only to find that after one scene, she completely dissapears from my life never to be seen again!.....That's why I was so delighted about the return of the lovely Melodi!....Not only is she back for another round of red-hot, booty-slamming sex with a total stranger....But this time, she's brought a second name along with her!....It's remarkable the difference that second name can make....As I'm sure you can imagine, a search for Melodi produced about a billion totally useless results....But a search for Melodi Nakai turned up some pretty fucking useful information!....For instance, Did you know that her name's actually spelled Melody Nakai?......Or that she also goes under the name of Melody Jackson?...And most useful of all, did you know that she has at least 13 DVDs out there?....Before she finally told me her last name, I didn't know any of that shit!....But now I do....Which means after that I've watched her suck and fuck the living shit out of Ramon, I can go straight back on the net and look for more Melody Nakai free goodies!.....See you again soon, Melody!


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A Beautiful Melodi

Friday, April 17th, 2009

A Beautiful Melodi

Melodi's booty in hot leopard skin panties
Melodi flashes her terrific long stubby big black nipples Melodi cups her natural boobs Melodi pours baby oil on her ass
Melodi sticks her ass up in the camera and flashes her pussy
Manuel fiddles with Melodi's bathing suit straps Manuel squishes Melodi's tits together Manuel squeezes Melodi's boobs
Melodi crams as much of Manuel's cock into her mouth as she can
Melodi sucks Manuel's cock Melodi rubs Manuel's dick all over her tits Manuel licks Melodi's pussy
Melodi in reverse cowboy
Manuel spoons with Melodi and squeezes her tits Melodi gets fucked doggy style Manuel sprays Melodi's face and tits with jiz
I think the only thing sexier than the hot, leopard skin, one piece swimsuit in these pictures is the delicious chocolate treat that comes wrapped in it!.....Her name's Melodi and it's been her lifetime's ambition to be a pornstar...So the other day, she strapped on the teenziest, tiniest piece of material she could find in her wardrobe and jiggled her fantastic black ass over to Reality Kings to see if they'd give her an audition....Needless to say, Reality Kings were very pleased with what they saw...So they took her out to a picturesque pond and told her to show them what she could do.....They were particularly impressed with a little trick Melodi did where she bounced her booty up and down and slapped her butt cheeks on the surface of the water...It was totally fucking hot!....When it became clear that Melodi really knew how to shake her ass, it was time to see how she handled a big they brought in French horndog and big, black booty aficionado, Manuel Ferrara to see how hard she could get him....They needn't have worried....After a couple of minutes inside this sweet ebony pussy, Manuel didn't even know what day it was....Welcome to the world of porn, Melodi!
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