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Back In April

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Back In April

April Flowers gets her ample ass cleavage measured with a ruler Tony Ribas examines the ass he's about to fuck
April gives Tony's cock a lick April sucks Tony's dick
April makes herself comfortable on Tony's cock Tony fucks April's ass from behind April lowers her ass onto Tony's dick Tony holds April's legs open and fucks her ass
April fingers her pussy while getting her ass fucked April jerks Tony to climax April dribbles some jiz April smiles and says Ouch
It's time to get in the MyBustyCams time machine and take a trip back to 2003!....Where exactly are we heading?....In between the glorious butt cheeks of the lovely Miss April Flowers!.....April seems to be one of those pornstars who quit the biz before the days of high resolution pics....So, although I featured her once before, like so many of my all time favorites, she doesn't appear on these pages nearly as much as she should!......Actually, there are a couple of really excellent girls from the 90s and the earlier part of this decade who don't appear at all!.....I've been thinking of doing a little tribute page but I've yet to get around to doing it....And, knowing me, I probably never will!.....But enough about shit I may or may not do in the future....Let's get back to doing the wonderful Miss Flowers, right now!....I did look to see if  ZTOD  had this scene from  Ass Cleavage 2, ages ago....They had galleries from every fucking one of the  Ass Cleavage series  except this one!....But they did a huge overhaul on their promo galleries recently....So I thought I'd check back in to see if they'd posted April's pics yet and there she was!.....This is some of April's best work...Which is saying something because this girl certainly knew how to give good porn and I can think of about 8 terrific ones right off the top of my head!........Just to finish off, I thought I'd mention that although, personally, I fell in love with watching the outside of April's ass without worrying too much about what was moving in and out of the may be interested to know that this was her first anal scene........And that after having her ass thougoughly nailed by Tony Ribas, April is asked what she thought of the experience....To which she replies...."Ouch!"....Seriously...The chick was awesome!!!!!

Ass Cleavage 2 also stars......Trinity......Bella Marie Wolfe.......Nautica Binx.......Renee Pornero.......Lyla Lei

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Northern Exposure: April’s Awesome Alaskan Ass…

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
April Flowers at pic 1
April Flowers Free Clip 1 April Flowers Free Clip 2 April Flowers Free Clip 3 April Flowers Free Clip 4 April Flowers Free Clip 5
Play Scene 1 Play Scene 2 Play Scene 3 Play Scene 4 Play Scene 5
Now it's time for a stunningly beautiful young lady: Miss  April Flowers....She hasn't been very busy lately but luckily, there are around 250 videos starring this gorgeous gal available for rental and download !...Here are some clips of one of them: We waste no time here getting to the action and clip one begins with April's big pretty eyes staring up at her stud-for-the-day while he fucks her lovely face ! In Clip two it's April's pussy's turn to take a pounding ! April has one of those perfectly toned little stripper-style figures that I love so much....and the sight of her being fucked in this scene proves that sometimes, small jiggling boobies can look every bit as luscious as big jiggling boobies !....but it's clip three that demonstrates April's finest ass-ett !....April is in reverse-cowboy...bending forward to reveal what is most definately one of the finest booties in the biz !...If you haven't seen it already, check out  Fast Times At Deep Crack High Vol 1  for what is (in McPerv's humble opinion) the best display of cowboy-position-booty-jiggling ever !!!!....Clip four was a very nice surprise for me !...I must have seen 20 + April scenes..but this is the first time I've ever seen that gorgeous pussy of hers squirting...and it looks fucking yummy !!!!....Finally, clip five has April being fucked for a little while longer before taking a shot of jiz on the tongue...all the time licking the tip !...I'll tell you, I haven't seen the full scene of this one but it looks fantastic and I will definately watch it as soon as I get a chance !...April...If you're out there, couldn't you make a couple of hundred or so more movies as a personal favor to me ?.......Clips come courtesy of
April Flowers at pic 2

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