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Castro’s Luber

Monday, June 21st, 2010
Castro's Luber
Selena Castro movie
Selina Castro takes out her tits Selina Castro lets her beautiful, natural tits hang free
Jmac nibbles on Selina's nipples Selina Castro gives Jmac a handjob
Selena Castro wraps her big titties around Jmac's dick Jmac pours some baby oil onto Selena's boobs
Jmac massages baby oil into Selena's boobs Selena asks Jmac to be very careful with the scissors
Selena sits down on Jmac's dick Selena Castro gets fucked in her pantyhose
Jmac fucks Selena Castro Jmac pulls Selena's hair and fucks her doggy style
Jmac squeezes one of Selena's boobs and fucks her doggy style Selena gets fucked in missionary Jmac titty fucks Selena som more Selena Castro poses with cum on her boobs
Enter Reality Kings
It has to be said, I love big, fake tits!.....I also love small, natural tits!.....But there's just something about a pair of really big, jiggly, natural tits that, somehow, just trumps all other things boob!.....That's why I'm so desperately in love with Selena Castro, here!....This luscious Latina's jubblies are about as jiggly as a set of jugs can get!....And would you just take a look at how fucking sexy she looks in that hat!.....I swear to God, this chicks so cute I could just fucking die!....Or to be more accurate, I could put my face between her tits and let her smother me until I just fucking died...but I think you get my point!.....That rather fetching hat isn't the only accessory that really compliments Selena's boobs!.....Would you believe that baby oil also does the trick?....And tody, Jmac is the fortunate fellow who gets to lube up those bad boys before sliding his dick between 'em.....And wouldn't you know it......a thick stream of jiz does hell of a lot to compliment Selena's boobies as well!....So with Selena's boobs being complimented by her hat, the baby oil...and Jmac's jiz, it wouldn't be right if I didn't compliment them, myself!....So here goes!....Selina!....Those are some seriously nice titties you've got going on there!

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An Endless Supply Of Big Natural Boobs

Friday, July 10th, 2009
An Endless Supply Of Big Natural Boobs
Charles Dera checks out Selina Castro as she cups her huge natural tits
Selina Castro's whips her boobs out of her low cut pink dress Charles takes a closer look at Selina's tits Charles presses on Selina's areolas with his fingers
Selina tweaks her nipples for Charles
Selina lets her tits hang over the back of a chair while Charles licks her nipples Selina licks under the helmet of Charles's dick Selina Castro sucks Charles Dera's cock
Selina squeezes Charles's dick between her big natural tits
Charles fucks Selina on the bar stool 1 Charles fucks Selina on the bar stool 2 Charles fondles Selina's breasts while he fucks her in reverse cowboy
Charles fucks Selina's tits while she licks the tip of his cock
Selina rubs Charles's dick on her nipple Charles pops on Selina's boobs Selina Castro shows off the cum on her tits
Whether you're a breast man or an ass man, you have to admit that  Big Naturals  is an amazing fucking site!....It's true...there are other great natural boob resources both on the net and on DVD...But the thing about this site is the seemingly endless supply of them! time your out partying...or at a strip club...or any of the places you go to look for hot women, take a look around.....How often do you see a rack like the lovely Selina Castro's here?....But if this site were all you had to go on, you'd think the world was full of girls with boobs like these!....As I've said 1000 times now, I'm all about the booty....When it comes to boobs, I prefer natural but it's much more about proportion than size so, if they look good, I don't really mind if they're big, small, real or don't have to be a breast man to appreciate breasts like Selina's.....And there are times I feel like looking at real huge, real nice, real boobs...It's good to know there's a site like  Big Naturals  around where I can find so many of them!  


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