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Buns Of Jelly

Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Buns Of Jelly
Shape up your booty with Eve Madison Eve Madison topless Eve Madison shows off her beautiful bare ass EVe Madison crawls along a desk Eve Madison performs her big wet butt workout Eve does some excersises with her workout students

For centuries now, only black women have known how to jiggle their booties correctly.....A strict diet of fatty foods combined with a vigorous excersise program to ensure the fat is distributed to exactly the right places has given these ebony princesses a Svengali like power to control men......Over the years, these closely gaurded secrets have been passed down to each generation of African American women and to Rachel Starr for some reason.....Until now, this kind of precise booty control has remained a baffling mystery!......But then Eve Madison came along....And when she saw the way non-black women, except Rachel, struggled to jiggle their booties without moving the rest of their bodies, she decided she was going to do something about it!.....Bravely going against all those centuries of tradition, Eve started work on her "Big Wet Butt Workout" video...and you'll be pleased to know her masterpiece is finally complete.....Ladies, at last, the toilet seat will be down and the trash will be out....And all you'll have to do is promise to let him nut on your brand new Eve-style booty!
Shane Dizzle grabs a handful of Eve's booty
Eve Madison sucks dick 1
Eve Madison sucks dick 2
Eve Madison's booty in reverse cowboy EVe Madison doggy style from the side Eve Madison doggy style POV Eve Madison doggy style Shane Dizzle fucks Eve Madison from behind Eve Madison rides Shane Dizzle

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Deep Thoughts And Even Deeper Cheeks

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Deep Thoughts And Even Deeper Cheeks
Bikini clad Eve Madison and Rane Revere pose with Voodoo A booty shot from Rane and Eve Eve and Rane smile at the camera and feel up each others boobs EVe exposes Rane's nice titties
Rane sucks on Eve's nipples Rane peels off Eve's pink panties Eve peels off Rane's blue panties Eve and Voodoo undress Rane
Rane sticks out her booty and sucks on Eve's titties Rane and Eve make out while Voodoo licks Rane's pussy Closeup shot of Rane Revere sucking Voodoo's cock Eve sucks voodoo's dick while Rane licks his nuts
Rane rubs Eve's ass cheeks while Voodoo fucks her Eve gets fucked doggy style and goes down on Rane Rane rides Voodoo while tweaking Eve's nipples Rane and Eve pose in doggy while Voodoo fucks Eve
Rane Revere and Eve Madison get their gorgeous asses covered in cum
In the last post, I featured Bella Blaze!....A smoking-hot, white girl with superb titties and a really great ass!.....But while I was extolling the virtues of Bella's boobies, I was struck by, just, how shallow I must have sounded!.....So just to prove I'm not in the least bit shallow, I thought I'd do the exact opposite, in this post, by featuring Rane Revere and Eve Madison....Two smoking-hot black girls with superb asses and really great tits!....You see!....I do have some depth, after all!.....Oh!...That reminds me....while I'm on the subject of depth....when watching the, above, free clip, please pay close attention to the awesome spectacle of the gusset of Rane's bikini bottoms flashing and disappearing between the wonderful crevices of her butt cheeks as she shakes her booty!....And if you're ever lucky enough to watch the whole'll be difficult to find a sight more pleasing than both these girls jiggling their perfect asses after Voodoo has just covered them in cum!.....I can promise you that I haven't seen anything so hot since I watched Bella Blaze shaking her perfect titties after Voodoo had just covered those in cum at the end of the scene featured in the last post!....Shallow...Me?....I don't think so!

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Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Eve Madison picks some flowers in her garden
Eve Madison poses in a fishnet top and a blue bikini Eve Madison displays a perfectly round, brown booty Beautiful Eve Madison shows us her natural breasts
Eve pulls her thong strap with her high heels and reveals some beautiful, naked ass
Ramon arrives at the scene of Eve's ass Ramon entices Eve with some catch ball Eve entices Ramon with some catch booty
Ramon gives Eve the finger
Eve checks to see how Ramon's dick measures up Eve tickles Ramon's nuts with her tongue Eve Madison sucks Ramon Nomar's dick
Ramon grabs a handful of booty while he fucks Eve
Ramon fucks Eve in reverse cowboy Eve smiles as she takes a pussy pounding from Ramon Ramon paints Eve Madison's beautiful ass in jiz
Ebony skinned sex bomb, Eve Madison was out picking flowers, one day, when she looked around her, saw what a beautiful day it was...and decided the weather was perfect for a spot of sunbathing......So she put down her flowers, stripped down to her bikini..and layed herself down by the side of the pool....There she was minding her own business when, out of nowhere, appeared Ramon Nomar holding a couple of balls.....As it turned out, Ramon had been on his way for a game of catch-ball when he noticed Eve's ass in the garden.....and it looked so  round and brown  and lovely that he couldn't help thinking what a perfect target it would make for his ball game......Eve was so flattered by how fond this strange guy was of her ass that she couldn't help but agree to Ramon's naughty, little game.....So she placed the velcro pad between her butt cheeks and bent over so as the horny lothario could take his shot.....Ramon's balls were sticking to the velcro pad well enough....but they weren't sticking to Eve's booty the way he'd have liked.....So he asked if she'd mind if he fucked her and then came over her ass to maybe make his balls stick a little better......The plan worked beyond Ramon's wildest dreams....Not only was Eve's ass really sticky, at the end...but this version of the game proved to be way more fun!....You certainly have to hand it to that Ramon....He has some truly marvelous ideas!


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