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The Eyes Have It

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
The Eyes Have It
Teamuku quicktime movie
Ebony beauty, Teamuku Teamuku bends over and sticks her booty out Teamuku flashes her round, brown butt cheeks and white thong Teamuku goes off to find Ramon
Teamuku wakes Ramon with a lap dance Ramon makes sure we all get a good view of Teamuku's ass Ramon rubs Teamuku's natural titties A close up shot of Teamuku's gorgeous ass
Ramon removes Teamuku's pants and boots Ramon pulls Teamuku's panties to the side Teamuku finds Ramon's dick Teamuku sucks cock and rubs her pussy
Teamuku gets fucked by Ramon Teamuku rides Ramon in cowgirl Ramon fucks Teamuku in doggy Teamuku jerks off Ramon between her ass cheeks
Ramon nuts on Teamuku's round, brown booty
I really can't tell you what this girls name is for sure.....She's credited as Teamuku but in the movie, the cameraman refers to her as Simone.....Anyway, whatever the fuck her name is, I have a big problem with her!....Her eyes are just too goddamn pretty!....Now normally, this wouldn't be a problem....When talking to a girl in a bar, for instance, staring into a pair of really pretty eyes can be extremely arousing.....But Simone has a fucking banging body on her and those damn peepers kept taking my focus away from where it belongs......On her ass!....Simone?...Teamuku?....Whatever your name is....Help me out here, would you?....I have a rep to think about, you know!...And if anybody finds out I've been mooning over a pretty pair of eyes while watching porn, I'm gonna be laughed right out of my fucking neighbourhood!....I don't know....maybe you could wear some dark glasses the next time....Or have a word with the cameraman and tell him to spend more time focusing on your unbelievable ass!....But please...don't make me spend 45 minutes gazing into your eyes again!.........Unless you're doing a POV blowjob scene, that is!....In fact....You know what?....Forget everything I just said!....You should totally do a POV blowjob scene!

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