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Six Degrees Of Dee!

Friday, September 11th, 2009
Six Degrees Of Dee!
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Dee sucks cock pic 1 Dee sucks cock pic 2 Dee gives a handjob Dee gets fucked
I was jumping for fucking joy when I saw that Puerto Rican super-babe, Dee had a released a new gallery.....But alas....It's one of those crappy ones where they just show you the same 3 pictures 5 times over!....Where do I start with this one?...First of all, the pics and the movie clips seem to come from different scenes...In the photo's she has curly hair and she's wearing fishnets...But in the clips, her hair's flat and she's wearing regular stockings!...Secondly, on closer inspection I"m not really sure just how "new" this scene is......But I can forgive all that because Dee looks freakin' awesome!....But that's the problem!.....Dee looks so fucking hot in the both the clips and the pics that they could have made a really superb gallery using either!.....Anyway...That's enough complaining from me....I'm not sure that there are that many people out there, besides me, who care about the picture sets, anyway.....So why not just enjoy the clips...which, although the'yre short are every bit as hot as you'd expect from a first rate pornstar like Dee.....And if you do want to watch Dee varying the position of her head by six degrees, you can see the rest of her image gallery, by either  clicking here or on the big picture at the top of the page.
Clip one 20 seconds of titty jiggling from ebony babe, Dee Baker
Play Clip One
Clip one 20 seconds of booty shaking from ebony babe, Dee BakerPlay Clip Two
Clip three 20 seconds of Dee Baker's ass shaking as she gets fucked doggy stylePlay Clip Three Clip four 20 seconds more ass bouncing from the lovely DelottaPlay Clip Four

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