List of blog posts starring Sara Stone

List of blog posts starring Sara Stone
Sara Stone post 12
Nurse Stone and Nurse Calogera specialize in cases of erectile dysfunction....But they only actually see a handful of patients since most men can be cured by just looking at a picture of them!
Sara Stone post 11
Big boobed Sara invited her even bigger boobed friend, Brandy, along for this one....So be very careful that your computer monitor doesn't come crashing through the table while you're watching.
Sara Stone post 10
Sometimes, kissing the boss's ass can be fun!
Sara Stone post 9
Oh my God!....I think I just solved the mysterious case of the disappearing dicks!
Sara Stone post 8
Scott is so glad he hired Sara...His other employees may be way better at the job....But Sara brings him the best snacks, by far!
Sara Stone post 7
Keiran is in with Dr. Stone because he's been experiencing premature ejaculation.....Looks like she's making it even worse, to me!
Sara Stone post 6
And on the eighth day....God made Sara suck his dick...And he saw that she was good
Sara Stone post 5
Just one example of some of the fun that can be had by tying Sara's tits in a bow
Sara Stone post 4
Just one example of the fun that can be had with a glass table, some baby oil..and Sara's tits
Sara Stone post 3
Not surprisingly, alot of guys have been asking what Sara looks for in a she compiled this list of likes and dislikes

Likes: Men who cum all over her face and tits

Dislikes: Men who don't cum all over her face and tits

Sara Stone post 2
OK, Sara!...That's enough teasing!....Now would you just pull my fly down and start sucking my cock, already!
Sara Stone post 1
This gallery features Sara with a tall chick who's name I don't know....The funny thing is, when they lay down, flat on their backs, Sara's, actually, taller!

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