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What’s The Deal With Rayveness?

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
What's The Deal With Rayveness?
Perpetually horny wild cougar, Rayveness Rayveness in a leopard skin bra and thong Rayveness strips down to her black stockings Rayveness poses cupping her big natural tits
Cougar, Rayveness crawls across her bed
Rayveness stalks Keiran Lee Rayveness pounces on Keiran Rayveness finds Keiran's cock Rayveness sucks Keiran Lee's dick
Front view of Rayveness getting fucked in cowgirl
Back view of Rayveness getting fucked in cowgirl Keiran holds one of Rayveness's legs in the air and fucks her pussy Side view of Keiran fucking Rayveness in doggy Front view of Keiran fucking Rayveness in doggy
Rayveness jerks the cum out of Keiran's cock and onto her face
Having a big cock may seem like a blessing...but like most gifts from the gods, it comes at a cost!....Guys like us may not be able to hold our heads up, quite as high, in a public shower....but we can count our blessings that we don't spend our lives in fear of being attacked by wild cougars!....The above illustrations should give the man with a small to average penis some idea of some of the trials that more well endowed men like Keiran go through every single day of their lives!.....You will see that poor Keiran is just harmlessly going about his business when he is brutally attacked by the vicious cougar, Rayveness!.....I've been watching Rayveness for years, now...and I always knew, deep down, that there was something not-quite-right about her.....For one thing, the woman is 37 years old...but, somehow, her tits have managed to remain 25!....What's the deal with that?.....Anyway, her stunning, freakishly-perfect, youthful figure, notwithstanding.....Keiran survived his terrifing ordeal with Rayveness, this time...but she'll be back!....And she'll keep coming back until she's exhausted every last drop of jiz out of poor Keiran's cougar-bait dick!.....Kind of puts that whole "I wish I had a big cock, too" mode-of-thinking in perspective, doesn't it?

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Brazzers Girl: Damn!….Rayveness Is Hot!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
Brazzers Girl: Damn!....Rayveness Is Hot!
A sexy cleavage revealing Rayveness poses next to a statue Rayveness wearing only a thong with her arms folded underneath her breasts Buck naked Rayveness opens her legs Marco shows Rayveness some art Rayveness is happy to see that Marco has a big cock Rayveness compares Marco's cock to Michelangelo's David
Lovely southern belle, Rayveness has been doing porn for donkey's years now and every single bit of her is still in place!....That girlish, sexy smile....Those perfect, natural tits...And those wonderfully chunky pussy lips...all look every bit as delicious as the first time I fell for this super MILF back in the mid 90s.......It seems unlikely, but if Rayveness does ever stop being drop-dead-hot, she has a wonderful career ahead of her as a phone sex operator.......I swear to God....this woman's voice alone sends the most wonderful sensations running through my never regions........But for now (and I'm sure for many, many years to come) we're all lucky enough to both hear and watch this North Carolina cutie....Here she is in a scene with Marco Banderas......Rayveness plays an art lover in a museum and Marco plays the tour guide....On seeing the statue of Michelangelo's David, Rayveness is unimpressed with the sculpture's tiny Marco shows her his....Rayveness likes what she sees...and just can't resist having a suck......Soon...Rayveness needs Marco's cock inside her pussy too....and wouldn't you know....Marco is only too glad to oblige.
Rayveness wants the world to see the dick she's about to suck
Rayveness starts to suck on Marco Banderas's dick
Marco enjoys titty fucking Rayveness Marco rubs his dick on Rayveness's pussy lips Rayveness bounces up and down on Marco's cock Rayveness spreads her butt cheeks while being fucked Rayveness enjoying Marco's cock inside her pussy Rayveness gets a good pounding over the table

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