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Thongs Of Joy

Monday, June 7th, 2010
Thongs Of Joy
July Jones And Misty movie
Left to right: Voodoo, July Jones, Misty and Jmac July Jones And Misty rub Voodoo's dick in the backseat of the car
July Jones And Misty lick up and down the side of Voodoo's shaft Misy and July arrive at the house with Jmac and Voodoo
July Jones sucks cock Misty sucks cock
Misy peels off her denim shorts to reveal a tiny blue thong July Jones peels off her denim shorts to reveal a tiny red thong
Closeup shot of Misty's sexy blue zip up thong July Jones unzips the front of her red thong to reveal her bulging pussy
July Jones displays some very impressive booty as she rides Jmac Voodoo nails Misty on the couch
The guys prepare to nut on the girls' asses Misty gets an ass full of jiz
July Jones gets an ass full of jiz Misty and July make out with each other
Enter Reality Kings
Oh good God in heaven would you take a look at those fucking thongs!......I don't know who the fuck designed those things but whoever it was, I 'd like to give them a great big fucking kiss!.....Hell....I don't care if it was a fucking dude!....Just look at those things!.....If you ask me, he more than fucking earned it!.....But before we get too carried away, let's not forget that those thongs would just be useless pieces of red and blue cloth if they weren't doing absolutely nothing to conceal the two stupendous booties they're so flimsily wrapped around!.....So I guess I should also mention that Little Red Ride Clit Hood belongs to the beautiful July Jones....And that Thong, Thong Blue, Cumming On My Pillow belongs to the stunning Misty!.....I really don't know what I can say about these two that would do their hotness justice!....July is a bubbly cutie with areolas like big, brown saucers and a wonderful potty mouth....And as for Misty's mouth....well....the only thing wrong with those lips is that they don't have a dick in between them 100% of the time!.....I do hope July and Misty don't disappear as quickly as some of these Reality Kings girls do.....It's absolutely imperative that I get to watch these two perform individually!.....We shall see!....In the meantime, I have a thong designer to find and make out with and so I'll leave you this video clip and this video clip and these pics.....God I hope it's a woman!

July Jones And Misty free video clips and photos come courtesy of Round And Brown
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