List of blog posts starring Rachel Starr

List of blog posts starring Rachel Starr
Rachel Starr post 16
Principal Ash is sick and tired of Rachel and Nikki constantly he's decided what they need is a firm rod....But first, he's going to spank them both with a ruler
Rachel Starr post 15
Can you spot the small flaw in this picture?.....That's right!....That should be my face on Rachel's Ass
Rachel Starr post 14
This is an old school photo of Rachel with cool-kids, Giselle and Johnny.....Rachel was a total nerd, back then, but she still found a way to be popular
Rachel Starr post 13
Rachel and Alexis have asked you to vote on which of their booties you'd like to spank the most......Go into booth A if you feel you'd really like to spank Rachel, booth B if you feel you'd really like to spank Alexis...and booth C if you feel you'd really like to spank your monkey.
Rachel Starr post 12
Paramedic, Rachel has been called to Keiran's office because he's hurt his back and he can't move....It'll be interesting to see how Rachel gets him up.
Rachel Starr post 11
I really don't know why Rachel stays with her abusive girlfriend, Avy....It's almost as though she enjoys being treated like a dog.
Rachel Starr post 10
After Rachel won the marathon, Carlos was so disgusted by her flagrant cheating that he seriously considered reporting her...But she told him to lay down and then she gave him two very good reasons to keep his mouth shut
Rachel Starr post 9
This is the one where Rachel performed her famous, naked bungee jump....I don't know what she was thinking...I can only assume there was a huge cock waiting for her down there
Rachel Starr post 8
Johnny's nightclub gets so busy sometimes, you can't even find a fucking seat!...But he's a real gentleman, though....Here we see him very kindly offering Rachel his penis to sit down on
Rachel Starr post 7
Here we see Rachel with her good friend, Jessica...She's a sucker for a big cock, too!
Rachel Starr post 6
Oh my God!....This one brings back memories, too....It's when Rachel's ass and I celebrated our first anniversary
Rachel Starr post 5
I'll never forget the day I first watched this scene....It was the day I fell in love with Rachel's ass for the first time.
Rachel Starr post 4
Rachel has started up a charity for people like Whitney who were never breast fed....Hey!...Girls!...Over here!...I was never breast fed, either!
Rachel Starr post 3
Trust Rachel to find a newer, and better, use for a pool stick....I can't wait to see what she does with the balls!
Rachel Starr post 2
When you're having trouble pleasing your husband sexually, you should really go and see a sex-pro like Dr. Starr....When you're having trouble being pleased sexually by Veronica Rayne, you should really go and see a psychiatrist like Dr. Freud!
Rachel Starr post 1
BDA Agents, Rachel and August are on a mission to find big dicks and bring them down to size....Motherfucker!....Why oh why was I cursed with this small dick?

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