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Brazzers Girl: Head Teacher Shows Horny, Problem-Student, Krystal Steal Who’s In Charge

Friday, May 16th, 2008
Brazzers Girl: Head Teacher Shows Horny, Problem-Student, Krystal Steal Who's In Charge
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Incolent student, Krystal Steal is on detention.    Again!.......But she doesn't care.....She just sits there nonchalontly at her desk, with a cigarette in one hand...and a cell phone in the if the rules just don't apply to her.......So when her nemesis, Principal Blade walks into the classroom, you just know there are going to be fireworks!.....The last straw comes when Krystal lights up a cigarette right in front of the stunned pedagog.....When he asks her just what the hell she's doing, she replies defiantly that she needs to have something in her mouth.....
This is the wrong thing to say to a teacher at Brazzers University.....and sure enough, Principal Blade gives Krystal something to put in her mouth......His cock!......Not that she minds.....this is the most obedient that Krystal Steal has been the entire semester....So she strips down to her sexy black and red bra....lifts up her skirt to reveal a tiny, red thong and two truly gorgeous butt cheeks....and sucks off Principal Blade like a good little girl......After that, Krystal then lets Principal Blade fuck her in several positions.....before taking a huge load of his cum in her mouth and dribbling it down her tits......It seems there's only one way to deal with difficult, female students like Krystal Steal at Brazzers University.....The fun way!
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