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Brazzers Girls: Sex Pro, Nikki Benz Teaches Mindy Main How To Satisfy Billy

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
Brazzers Girls: Sex Pro, Nikki Benz Teaches Mindy Main How To Satisfy Billy
Nikki Benz unbuttons her sexy blouse and thrusts her cleavage towards the camera Nikki Benz cleavage side view Mindy Main and Billy check the yellow pages Nikki Benz arrives at Mindy and Billy's place Nikki Benz enters the young couple's home
Nikki Benz and Mindy Main gallery pic 9

Dr. Benz shows young lovers, Mindy
and Billy how to fuck
Nikki Benz discusses the problem with Mindy Main and Billy Nikki Benz takes notes as Mindy Main is about to suck Billy's cock Nikki Benz gets down to help Mindy Main with the cocksucking Nikki Benz sucks Billy's cock while Mindy Main licks his shaft Billy fucks Mindy Main as Nikki Benz looks on
Billy fucks Nikki in reverse cowboy while he's eating Mindy Main's pussy Billy fucks Nikki in reverse cowboy while he's eating Mindy Main's pussy 2 Billy fucks Mindy Main doggy style while Mindy licks Nikki's pussy Nikki gets fucked in cowboy...Mindy sits on Billy's face....Nikki sucks on Mindy's nipple Billy's cum drips from Nikki Benz's mouth and on to her tits...Mindy Main licks it off
It's Valentine's day in the small town of Brazzersville and young lovers, Mindy Main and Billy Glide are about to celebrate....But when Billy hands Mindy sex-coupons as a Valentine's gift, Mindy is not too happy........Mindy is not pleased with the way that things have been going in the bedroom....and a little more conversation reveals that Billy isn't being fulfilled either.....Enter professional sex therapist, Nikki Benz and her bag of tricks.....When Billy explains that Mindy just doesn't know how to suck his cock the right way, Dr. Benz persuades her to give a short demonstration and takes notes as she watches......When she sees that Mindy has a nasty habit of biting Billy's cock, Dr. Benz gets down on her knees and shows her how it should be done.......Soon, with the help of Nikki, Mindy is sucking cock like a pro......and now it's Billy's turn to learn how to eat pussy properly.......This time, it's Billy who's using his teeth....and it's up to Dr. Benz again to go down on Mindy and show Billy the way a beautiful girl's clit should be licked!......Soon Dr. Benz is demonstrating to the rather unadventurous couple that there are sexual positions other than missionary and taking it in turns with Mindy to fuck Billy's cock......Finally, It's time for the sex professional and her female student to take a shot of cum in the face!.....The instructor has taught Mindy well!.....And she licks the remaining cum from Nikki's boobs without even being asked!....."I've turned you into a whore!" says Dr. Benz.......She certainly has....and now Billy couldn't be happier!

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