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How To Deal With A Stubborn Ass

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
How To Deal With A Stubborn Ass
Sexy Adrianna Nicole Adrianna strips down to her lingerie Adrianna Nicole poses in bra and panties Adrianna Nicole pulls her thong between her butt cheeks Keiran shows the sex therapist his problem with Adrianna Keiran gropes Adrianna's ass
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Keiran truly adored his girlfriend, Adrianna!....But he really wanted to fuck her in the ass and she just wouldn't let him!.....And so....desperate to feel his pecker inside Adrianna's smooth, silky butthole, he persuaded her to go with him to see a sex therapist!....That's where Keiran and Adrianna were introduced to oil therapy.....A treatment designed specifically to help men like Keiran whose girlfriend's have mouth-wateringly fuckable booties but constantly try to avoid having anal sex!....For the sensitive female like Adrianna, oil therapy, gently, lubricates the anus allowing the penis to penetrate more readily and with, hopefully, no pain.....There are also a number of benefits for the not-so sensitive male like Keiran, rubbing oodles of thick, gloopy massage oil into Adrianna's shapely ass and watching it get all shiny....before, finally, getting to ram his cock up there and slam it really hard!....There are several women like Adrianna, out there, who really don't like the idea of anal but who's booties are so fine that men just never stop asking.....Maybe oil therapy could be the answer!
Keiran massages oil into Adrianna's booty
Adrianna sucks Keiran's dick for him
Adrianna Nicole sucking Keiran Lee's cock
Keiran fucks Adrianna over the therapists desk Keiran fucks Adrianna's ass doggy style Keiran fucks Adrianna's ass in reverse cowboy Adrianna rides Keiran's dick with her asshole Keiran chokes Adrianna while fucking her ass Adrianna spreads her ass cheeks as Keiran fucks her from behind

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Adrianna Gets Dirty

Saturday, February 28th, 2009
Adrianna Gets Dirty
Adrianna shows off her booty
Adrianna peels off her denim shorts and reveals her thong Adrianna rubs her clit Ramon gets an eyeful of Adrianna's ass
Adrianna lets Ramon lick her asshole
Ramon squeezes Adrianna's tits Adrianna checks out Ramon's package Ramon fingers Adrianna's pussy
Adrianna rides Ramon
Adrianna licks up and down Ramon's cock Adrianna stuffs her face with Ramon's dick Adrianna rubs her pussy while being fucked by Ramon
Ramon fucks Adrianna doggy style
Ramon spoons Adrianna Adrianna sticks out her tongue and waits for Ramon to cum Adrianna Nicole squeezes her cum covered boobies
On a hot summer's day, there aren't many things that Adrianna Nicole would rather do than spend a couple of hours in her little garden!....It's a well known fact that whether she's at home....or out in the woods, Adrianna can make just about anything grow!....Just ask Ramon Nomar!...He spotted Adrianna in her garden only yesterday....And the moment he saw her ass in her tight, little blue hot pants, his wood began to grow instantly!....There are a couple of things Adrianna likes more than gardening..and one of those is cock!....So when she saw what Ramon was packing she wanted to see just how long she could make it grow!.....So she stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to the more serious business of sucking Ramon's dick!....Ramon was was very pleased to find that Adrianna was every bit as skillful with her mouth as she was with her green fingers!.....But Adrianna knew that if she used her pussy on it, she could make it even bigger!....Of course, she was right!....In the end, Adrianna made Ramon so hard that he shot his load all over her face!...But that's OK!...Cum is the other thing Adrianna likes more than gardening!
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