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Sharon Wild & Chase Dasani

Monday, July 13th, 2009
Sharon Wild & Chase Dasani
Sharon Wild & Chase Dasani at pic 1
Sharon Wild makes out with Chase Dasani Sharon and Chase suck Brett Rockman's dick Sharon blows Brett while he sucks Chase's tits Sharon and Chase change positions Sharon and Chase kiss while Brett cums on their faces
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This movie's from 2005 and it's called Oral Assistance.....I don't have any decent pictures from it but I think you'll like the clips from the two scenes I'll be posting over the next couple of days....The two gorgeous young ladies who are just about to kiss one another in the big picture just above this text are Sharon Wild and Chase Dasani......I've watched a ton of Sharon's movies and she's quite simply terrific....especially in blowjob scenes like this one....I've only seen Chase this once...but I can say that she performs almost as well as Sharon....Both these girls seem to have quit the business some time last year....But on the bright side, Chase has over 20 DVDs out and Sharon...God bless her...has over 200!......For me, this was easily the best scene in Oral Assistance...but the one with Eve Lawrence and Harmony Rose comes very close.....I'll try and get the clips of Eve and Harmony posted tommorow.....The full scenes from this movie are all available for download at
Sharon Wild & Chase Dasani at pic 2

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