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Friday, Trinity And Their Dick Sandwich

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
Friday, Trinity And Their Dick Sandwich
Friday and Trinity_pic_1 Friday and Trinity_pic_2 Friday and Trinity_pic_3 Friday and Trinity_pic_4 Friday and Trinity_pic_5
Friday and Trinity_pic_16

I wonder what Trinity will do with her tongue
when she's finished with Friday's nipple!
Find out at
Friday and Trinity_pic_6 Friday and Trinity_pic_7 Friday and Trinity_pic_8 Friday and Trinity_pic_9 Friday and Trinity_pic_10
Friday and Trinity_pic_11 Friday and Trinity_pic_12 Friday and Trinity_pic_13 Friday and Trinity_pic_14 Friday and Trinity_pic_15
This is the first time I've used Trinity in a post..and only the second time I've used Friday.....I absolutely love both of these girls....but to be honest...I've only really seen Trinity in a couple of movies....And as for Friday....Oh boy!...What to say about Friday?....She is a definite all-time-favorite of mine..and I've seen her in absolutely tons of totally awesome scenes!....Unfortunatley, I don't have access to many clips of her very best ones...although, even as I'm writing now, I can think of a couple of humdingers I should be able to get my hands on...and that I should really share with y'all....Maybe I'll start working on a couple of those over the weekend......Meanwhile, here are Friday and Trinity in ZTOD's Blow Me Sandwich 2....Friday is one of the best cocksuckers in the business!....Those awesome scenes I just mentioned: A hell of alot of them are blowjobs....Honest to God....she's fantastic!.....And don't think my raving about Friday's pole-smoking skills means that Trinity is in any way (if you'll pardon the pun) blown away by Friday!...The beautiful, busty brunette matches her expert fellatrix partner blow for blow! (oops..there I go again with the puns.).......No....this is an excellent performance by both girls....with one of the messiest, nastiest, most wonderful cum kisses I've ever seen at the end!........My next project: Watch more Trinity movies and look for some more of Friday's excellent scenes!

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