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Manuel In The Middle

Friday, July 24th, 2009
Manuel In The Middle
Friday & Kayla Quinn compare boobs
Friday licks her own nipples Kayla Quinn tweaks her areolas Friday licks between Kayla's butt cheeks
Friday & Kayla Quinn tongue kissing
Friday and Kayla bare there booties Friday sticks her ass in the air and licks Kayla's butt Friday and Kayla lick up and down the sides of Manuel's dick
Friday sucks Manuel's cock while Kayla licks up and down the shaft
Friday sucks Kayla's tits while she rided Manuel Friday proudly shows us Kayla's asshole Friday licks Kayla's pussy while in reverse cowboy
Friday licks Manuel's balls while his dick goes in and out of Manuel's ass
Kayla does anal while licking Friday's asshole Kayla rubs her clit while in anal reverse cowboy Cum covered babes, Friday and Kayla tongue wrestle
It's funny the way things turn out sometimes!.....We all know that  Manuel Ferrara's been with alot of women but it's been a while since he's been with a really hot MILF!.....This troubling fact was on his mind the other day when who should he bump into but but his old friend, MILF superbabe Friday!.....It only took a couple of minutes of conversation with the shamelessly flirty Friday before Manuel realized that the MILF drought would soon be coming to an end....But he couldn't have been prepared for the surprise waiting for him when the two of them arrived back at Friday's place and there was her MILF friend, Kayla Quinn laying by the pool in a red-hot, thong bikini!.....Manuel was positively drooling!....Could he really be this lucky?.....This Kayla chick was as hot as Friday but surely there was no way she could be as horny!.....Sometimes it's nice to be wrong....And I'm sure you can imagine how happy Manuel was when Friday walked over and greeted her friend by bending over and sticking her tongue between her ass cheeks!.....And in a few short minutes, he would be enjoying his favorite type of sandwich......The type where he was in the middle!


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Friday, Trinity And Their Dick Sandwich

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
Friday, Trinity And Their Dick Sandwich
Friday and Trinity_pic_1 Friday and Trinity_pic_2 Friday and Trinity_pic_3 Friday and Trinity_pic_4 Friday and Trinity_pic_5
Friday and Trinity_pic_16

I wonder what Trinity will do with her tongue
when she's finished with Friday's nipple!
Find out at
Friday and Trinity_pic_6 Friday and Trinity_pic_7 Friday and Trinity_pic_8 Friday and Trinity_pic_9 Friday and Trinity_pic_10
Friday and Trinity_pic_11 Friday and Trinity_pic_12 Friday and Trinity_pic_13 Friday and Trinity_pic_14 Friday and Trinity_pic_15
This is the first time I've used Trinity in a post..and only the second time I've used Friday.....I absolutely love both of these girls....but to be honest...I've only really seen Trinity in a couple of movies....And as for Friday....Oh boy!...What to say about Friday?....She is a definite all-time-favorite of mine..and I've seen her in absolutely tons of totally awesome scenes!....Unfortunatley, I don't have access to many clips of her very best ones...although, even as I'm writing now, I can think of a couple of humdingers I should be able to get my hands on...and that I should really share with y'all....Maybe I'll start working on a couple of those over the weekend......Meanwhile, here are Friday and Trinity in ZTOD's Blow Me Sandwich 2....Friday is one of the best cocksuckers in the business!....Those awesome scenes I just mentioned: A hell of alot of them are blowjobs....Honest to God....she's fantastic!.....And don't think my raving about Friday's pole-smoking skills means that Trinity is in any way (if you'll pardon the pun) blown away by Friday!...The beautiful, busty brunette matches her expert fellatrix partner blow for blow! (oops..there I go again with the puns.).......No....this is an excellent performance by both girls....with one of the messiest, nastiest, most wonderful cum kisses I've ever seen at the end!........My next project: Watch more Trinity movies and look for some more of Friday's excellent scenes!

Watch Friday and Trinity's clips at
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The Best Fake Boobs Ever ! Thank God It’s Friday !

Saturday, June 14th, 2008
The Best Fake Boobs Ever ! Thank God It's Friday !
Friday at pic 1
Play Scene 1 Play Scene 2 Play Scene 3 Play Scene 4 Play Scene 5
Well...I've already revealed my favorite pair of natural tits...That honor goes to the lovely Sierra....As for fake tits....W-e-e-ell....I'm not gonna lie to you...I do like 'em....but it's usually a case of "Hm !...nice tits !"...and rarely a case of "F-U-U-U-U-CK ME THOSE ARE SOME NICE TITS !!!!!".....There are however exceptions to this rule.....Carmella Bing is a good example.....But in McPerv's view, the best fake tits of all time belong to Friday !......The above clips are from a scene starring Friday with Rodney Moore.....It's a blowjob scene...but it's one of those 20-minute-Rodney-Moore-style blowjob scenes and if, like me, you love long, messy blow jobs and you love Friday then it's a fucking must !!!!!.... Usually at this point I'd give a description of each individual clip....but this scene is just too good not to tell you about a couple of bits that aren't in the clips !.....Notably the awesome sight of the lovely Friday drooling tons of spit down those excellent fake boobs of hers....and after the cum-shot, dribbling Rodney's cum down them in the same fashion.....It's hard to believe it's taken me this long to do a post on Friday......I don't know if there's any other girl in the industry who seems to enjoy her job as much as Friday...And...WOW !.....Can that girl smoke pole !...... Clips come courtesy of
Friday at pic 2

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