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Kelly Star: One For Each Hole

Thursday, October 9th, 2008
Kelly Star: One For Each Hole
Not the best pic of Kelly Star but good ones are a little hard to find
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Another smoking hot chick with no fucking galleries!......I'm reduced to using these mediocre screenshots. (OK...So the bottom one's pretty good!).....For anyone who doesn't know, this is Kelly Star and her booty fucking rocks!!!!!.........I first saw her in  Head Clinic 5......I was immediately impressed!.......She has those gorgeous African features....and her fake boobs really suit her!.....But it was when Kelly turned around and showed her fantastic ass that I really fell in love......She was with Mr. Marcus....and although this was a blowjob movie, he kept on making her turn around so as he could fuck her doggy style......Usually, when I'm watching a BJ movie, I get a lttle frustrated when the stars start fucking........I'm watching a blowjob movie because I'm in the mood to watch blowjobs!......In this scene, though, I was with Marcus all the way, shouting..."Turn her the fuck around again!...Turn her the fuck around again!".....Actually, it's been a while since I watched that scene....It's one of my favorite ones and I really have to sit down and watch it again soon.......Well....The bad news is, I don't have any clips from that movie right now....The good news the clips I do have, Kelly takes on three as well as getting her ass fucked, she has those beautiful lips of hers wrapped around at least one cock pretty much all the way through!......You may also be pleased to know that Kelly Star gets DPd.....and receives a huge load of cum all over her face and tits!

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One part of Kelly that looks good no matter what angle it's shot from

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