List of blog posts starring Brandy Talore

List of blog posts starring Brandy Talore
Brandy Talore post 11
This Reality Kings scene stars Brandy Talore, Sara Stone...and the luckiest ping pong ball in the whole, wide world
Brandy Talore post 10
Poor Brandy is really carrying a heavy load...It's remarkable that she opens up so easily!
Brandy Talore post 9
Mr. Pierce was furious when he caught his dog sitter, Brandy, stealing his money.....But then she showed him a couple of reasons why he should really have been paying her alot more
Brandy Talore post 8
David Dickham though that Brandy loved him for his extraordinary soccer skills....When he heard she just wanted him for his big cock, he was crushed!
Brandy Talore post 7
Sometimes Brandy's a good girl....And she can be a sweetheart like you would not believe....But when Brandy's a bad girl, she really fucking sucks!
Brandy Talore post 6
Wow!....Those melons look absolutely delicious!....Now if Brandy would just get rid of that disgusting looking piece of fruit she's holding, this picture would be perfect
Brandy Talore post 5
Oh my god it's Gianna!....It would seem it's Brandy who gets licked in this match up!
Brandy Talore post 4
Cailey wanted tits as big as Brandy's....So she went out and got another boob job.....But, afterwards, when the two girls compared their tits....I'm afraid Brandy licked Cailey again!
Brandy Talore post 3
This scene features Brandy with two guys....Hey!...Those things are fucking heavy!
Brandy Talore post 2
The Brazzers High School quarter back has been poisoned....So Brandy and Jayden have kidnapped the opposing side's mascot for revenge......Damn!....If I were their mascot, I think I'd poison the next quarter back, myself!
Brandy Talore post 1
At the Brazzers head office, Brandy's the boss....And when she orders you to fuck her tits, you'd better do it or else you're fired!....Damn I wish Brandy was my boss!

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