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Cake From Alanah

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
Cake From Alanah
Alanah Rae with Dave's birthday cake
Alanah Rae poses in a gold bikini and shorts Alanah Rae cleavage shot Alanah Rae booty shot
Alanah lets Dave lick his birthday cake from her tits
Alanah poses with her tits covered in ice frosting Alanah sits in the birthday cake Dave licks birthday cake from Alanah's butt cheeks
Alanah gives Dave's cock a good birthday sucking
Dave gets a birthday BJ from Alanah Alanah gives Dave a birthday titty fuck Dave fucks Alanah on the sofa
Dave fucks Alanah while licking more cake from her nipples
Alanah gets fucked doggy style Dave cums in Alanah's face Alana Rae squeezes the last drops of jiz from Dave's dick
It was Dave's birthday...and his best friend, Alanah wanted to do something special for him....So she went to the store and bought him a lovely birthday cake...When she showed it to Dave, he couldn't have been more pleased...but in her rush to get the cake, the silly girl had forgotten to buy paper plates!...There was only one thing for it!...Dave would have to lick his birthday cake from Alanah's tits...And seeing as it was Alanah who'd fucked up, there was no real way she could object!....As it turned out, it was a pretty good idea!....Alanah's tits made the cake so delicious that Dave couldn't help wondering how good it might taste if he licked it from her ass, too!....And just as he'd expected, Alanah's ass made his birthday cake even sweeter.....When it was Alanah's turn to try some cake, she decided it would be best if she ate it from Dave's cock.....So she got down on her knees and started sucking....Even though she really enjoyed it, it was a little dry and she needed something to wash it down....So Alanah asked Dave if he'd nut in her face....Dave was overjoyed!...A very happy ending to a very happy birthday!
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