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Wash Your Mouth Out

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
Wash Your Mouth Out<title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en"/> <meta name="description" content="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella stars in Cue The Curves from Reality Kings' 8th Street Latinas"/> <meta name="keywords" content="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella, stacey lane, stacy lane"/> <!-- META Tags Created With: STW META Tag Builder --> <meta name="verify-v1" content="BobDWZDzFaTiKKmSmdh44IiknTZtsAsFeSTGcUe6FQ0="/></head> <body> <style> body { background-color:black } th {background-color: black; border:5px double #545565;} td {background-color: black; border:5px double #545565;} a:link{color:white} a:visited{color:white} </style> <table border="0" width="720px" align="center" bgcolor="#de1343"> <tr><td colspan="4" align="center"> <a title="Play Velicity Von Sarah Vandella Movie" href="../../../mo/292/" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-0qt.jpg" height="479" width="770" border="0" alt="Play Velicity Von Sarah Vandella Movie"></a> </tr></td> <tr><td><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 1" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-1.jpg" height="181" width="181" border="0" alt="Bikini babes, Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella by the pool"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 2" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-2.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah Vandella peels off her thong and shows her bare ass"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 3" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-3.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Velicity Von flashes some snatch"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 4" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-4.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-4.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah drenches Velicity's amazing ass in oil"></td> <tr> <tr><td><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 5" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-5.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-5.jpg" height="181" width="181" border="0" alt="Sarah buries her tongue in Velicity's asshole"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 6" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-6.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-6.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Velicity digs her tongue around in Sarah's butthole"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 7" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-7.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-7.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella push their big tits up against a glass shower door"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 8" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-8.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-8.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Velicity and Sarah squish up their boobs and do a little tongue kissing"></td> <tr> <tr><td><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 9" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-9.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-9.jpg" height="181" width="181" border="0" alt="Sarah and Velicity discover Ramon's cock"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 10" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-10.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-10.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Velicity and Sarah suck Ramon's dick"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 11" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-11.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-11.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah forces Ramon's dick into Velicity's mouth"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 12" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-12.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-12.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah gets fucked in reverse cowgirl while Velicity licks her areolas"></td> <tr> <tr><td><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 13" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-13.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-13.jpg" height="181" width="181" border="0" alt="Velicty grabs a couple of handfuls of Sarah's ass while she gets fucked"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 14" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-14.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-14.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah licks Velicity's nipples while Ramon fucks her in the ass"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 15" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-15.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-15.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Sarah gasps at the good, hard fucking Velicity's ass is taking"></td> <td align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 16" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-16.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-16.jpg" border="0" height="181" width="181" alt="Ramon cums over Velicity and Sarah"></td></tr> <tr> <td colspan="4" align="center"><a title="Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pic 17" href="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-hr-pic-17.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../../../images/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-cue-the-curves/velicity-von-sarah-vandella-thumb-17.jpg" border="0" height="465" width="770" alt="Sarah Vandella and Velicity Von share some nut"></td></tr> <tr><td colspan="4"><font color="white"> Even though I've always liked Sara Vandella....I tuned into this one because I wanted to see Velicity Von!....I wasn't really expecting to pay Sarah that much attention....Unless, of course, she was making out with Velicity!....Boy, was I wrong!...It turns out that far from being just a pretty face....Sarah has a, real, potty mouth on her!....And if there's one thing I's a hot chick who cusses like a sailor!....You's funny!...I've watched Sarah, a few times, before...and I never, really, thought of her as one of porn's nastier girls!....Maybe I just needed to see her tongue wriggling around in Velicity's asshole in order to see, just, how wonderfully dirty that mouth of hers is!.....And while we're on the subject of Velicity's asshole.....Sarah's tongue isn't the only thing that wriggles around in there, alot, in this scene!....It, also, gets a nice, strong pounding from Ramon Nomar!.....And, although, Sarah has done, at least, one anal scene that I'm aware she's content to, just, watch Velicity's ass get fucked while spouting filth and sucking Velicity's ass-juice from Ramon's dick, every now and again!.....But no matter who does anal and who doesn' seems obvious, to me that both Sarah and Velicity are a couple of foul-tongued girls who need their dirty mouths thoroughly washing out!....Luckily, Ramon has just the jiz for the job! <br/><br/>Velicity Von and Sarah Vandella pics and video clips come courtesy of  <a title="Take a look around Monster Curves" href="" target="_blank"><font color="gold">Monster Curves</a>!</font> <br/><font size="1"><a title="18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement" href="">Proof of all Reality Kings models ages can be found by clicking here</a> </td></tr> <tr><td align="center" colspan="4"><iframe scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" name="Frame1" frameborder="0" style="border:none" width="728" height="180" src="../../../files/e_wide-0-_ext_iframe_45cvy6euph5kucgc0dgm0f.html"></iframe></td></tr> </table> <div> <table width="400px" align="center" bgcolor="#black"> <tr><td bg color="red" align="center"> <a title="Watch Velicity Von on Demand at" href="" target="_blank"><img src="../../../hotmovies/Velicity_Von_.jpg" border="0"><br/>Velicity Von at</a> </td> <td bg color="red" align="center"> <a title="Watch Sara Vandella on Demand at" href="" target="_blank"><img src="../../../hotmovies/Sara-Vandella.jpg" border="0"><br/>Sara Vandella at</a> </td> </tr> </div> <div> <table border="0" width="620px" bgcolor="#de1343" align="center"> <tr><th align="CENTER" colspan="13"><font size="5" color="white">PORN STARS AND WEBCAM 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Sarah Vandella in a low cut sweater and a sexy sarong Sarah strips down to her hot bikini Sarah Vandella stands naked at the bar Sarah parties with some coed friends Sarah Vandella teases Scott Nails with her boobs Sarah flashes her tits to Scott
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This is only the second time I've seen Sarah Vandella!....I've been meaning to check her out since I first saw her in a scene with Alexis Texas a while ago but I just didn't get around to it until the other day.....I have to tell you...this chick is hot!....And it doesn't have so much to do with her looks (which are extremely fetching I might add) as with her raw enthusiasm!....I'll certainly be going back and checking out a few of Sarah's earlier scenes as well as looking out for new shit!....But right now, check out Sarah and some of her coed friends on spring break.....It's been a tough semester and everybody's ready to party!.....One of Sarah's friends, Scott, is very turned on by the way she looks in her multi-colored bikini....And I have to agree with him....It was seeing the pictures of her wearing that thing that rekindled my interests and convinced me to watch this scene!....But wheras I can only dream about getting my hands on the goodies inside that hot bikini....Scott, of course, actually does....And after getting his dick sucked and fucking her for the next 20 minutes or so....judging by the amount of nut he blows in her face, I'm guessing Sarah's goodies feel pretty, darn, fucking good!
Sarah forces Scott's dick down her throat
Sarah Vandella sucks Scott's dick 1
Scott fucks Sarah on the table
Sarah pinches her pussy while getting fucked Sarah gets fucked with one leg up on the bar Scott holds onto one of Sarah's legs and gives her pussy a good pounding Scott holds Sarah's legs wide open and fucks her in reverse cowboy Sarah screams in extacy while riding Scott's dick Sarah Vandella with her face and tits covered in jiz

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
Alexis Texas and Sara Vandella Enjoy Pool Sticks And Big Dicks
Alexis Texas with a pool stick between her butt cheeks Sara Vandella with a pool stick between her butt cheeks Alexis Texas and Sara Vandella stand side by side with pool sticks between their butt cheeks Alexis Texas and Sara Vandella lay on the pool table with their legs in the air and show off their pussies Alexis and Sara oil up their asses and squat on the pool table

Alexis Texas helps Sara Vandella get the balls in the hole

Alexis Texas and Sara Vandella tongue kissing Alexis eats Sara's pussy Alexis licks Sara's asshole Sara returns the favor and licks Alexis's asshole Alexis Texas and Sara Vandella stand side by side with their beautiful booties to the camera
Alexis and Sara are stunned by the size of Billy's dick Alexis sucks on Billy's cock while Sara sucks on his nuts Alexis holds Sara's hair back while she crams her mouth full of dick Alexis and Sara lick up and down Billy's cock Sara licks Alexis's asshole while Billy stuffs her pussy
Awesome wide angle shot of Alexis's booty while she's getting fucked Alexis uses a pool ball as a ball gag Billy chows down on Alexis's ass while he's fucking Sara Alexis and Sara lay booty to booty on the pool table and wait for Billy to shoot his load Billy plasters Alexis and Sara's asses  in jiz
OK!.....Now it's time for some real porn!.....I've been so preoccupied with these camwithher girls and their enormous tits that I'd completely forgotten that I'm actually a booty man!......So I turned to the woman I always turn to in such situations....Alexis Texas!.....However, my thirst for booty was so great that I wasn't sure that Alexis alone could quench it!......Luckily, I happened to have a scene on my hard drive I hadn't watched yet starring Alexis with a girl I've been dying to watch....Sara Vandella!.....I'd seen the pics of Sara with Alexis from this scene and had decided then and there that her ass needed some of my serious attention!......It was certainly alot of fun watching Alexis and Sara playing around on the pool table and sliding their pool sticks in and out of each other's butt cracks!.....And it was alot more fun when the two girls put down their sticks and started sliding there tongues in and out of each other's butt cracks instead!.....By the time Billy Glide walked in, Alexis and Sara must have had very wet pussies, indeed!.....After not quite succeeding to completely suffocate Billy with their huge booties, Alexis and Sara got down to the usual business of fucking and cocksucking......The scene was pretty, fucking great....I'll certainly be checking out Miss Vandella again soon!.....We get to see all of the wonderful, booty bouncing we'd expect from these girls....but the highlight of the scene is the cumshot!.....Pay no attention to the cumshot in the pic number 20!....In the movie, Billy shoots his load into Alexis's mouth......Then...Alexis spits the jiz down Sara's ass!....It is truly fucking awesome!

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