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I Miss My Angel Eyes !

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
I Miss My Angel Eyes !
Ange Eyes and Malaysia at pic 1
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Here's another one of my favorite porn stars....the aptly named Angel Eyes (she's the girl on the right). We all have our favorite scenes from porn, right ! Well it may bore you to know that I used to have this DVD starring Angel Eyes and it was one of those scenes....Anyway, one day, I'm bored and trying to think of a porn scene to watch and I think to myself "Oh my God...I haven't seen that Angel Eyes scene for a while"!.....So I look through my DVDs for the scene....playing snippets of my Angel Eyes collection one at a time....And I can't find it anywhere !....Oh well !...No problem, I'll just watch a different Angel Eyes scene and buy a new copy of that particular DVD ! Right?....Wrong ! To this day I can't remember what the movie was called......I've been through IAFD, adult search engines, regular search engines a dozen times....trying to find maybe a clip or a photo of the scene that I'd recognize.....Nada !....In the end I just gave up....Well...If you actually bothered to read that...and managed to stay awake long enough to get this far through my post....First of all "WOW !...Thank you !...I can't believe anybody bothers to read this shit !"...And secondly, the girl on the left (if you don't know already) is Malasia....Another hottie from about 5 years ago.... but she didn't make enough movies to really make an impression on me...  lists 9 of which I think I've only seen 2. Also, if you follow the HotMovies' Malaysia link, it takes you to Jayna Oso's page..She's also been known as Malaysia on a couple of occasions....You will find some of this "Malaysia's" movies on the page but you'll have to look for them....... So...That's my Angel Eyes story....Enjoy the clips !.......Clips come courtesy of Which is part of the  PremiumPass network.
Ange Eyes and Malaysia at pic 2

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