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That’s Natural Titty Clean!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
That's Natural Titty Clean!
Natasha Dulce movie
Busty babe, Natasha Dulce arrives at Jmac's place Jmac shows Natasha his kitchen
Natasha starts off by scrubbing the floor Nataha Dulce uses her big, natural tits to scrub Jmacs kitchen surfaces
Closeup pic of Natasha Dulce's tits in a wet T shirt covered in soap suds Jmac uses Natasha's big titties to mop the floor
Natasha Dulce presses her naked tits against a glass window Natasha Dulce slides one hand into her thong and sucks Jmac's dick
POV pic of Natasha Dulce cupping her boobs while sucking cock Natasha Dulce cups her tits while Jmac eats her pussy
Natasha Dulce gets fucked POV style in missionary Natasha rides Jmac
Jmac fucks Natasha Dulce doggy style Natasha Dulce gets gets a good titty fucking
Jmac cums on Natasha's tits Natasha Dulce cups her hands under her jiz covered boobies
Enter Reality Kings
When it comes to getting those kitchen stains out, I think you'll agree, there's nothing quite like titties!....But some titties just aren't big enough to tackle those really stubborn stains, which is why I like to use Really Big Titties by Natasha Dulce!....Not only are Natasha's Really Big Titties big enough to handle any stain....But they're 100% natural which means they're also good for the environment!....And whereas it's true that scientists have done some excellent work with synthetic titties, lately....I've personally found that they don't give my kitchen quite the same sparkle!.....Now I know what you're thinking...."OK!...We get it, already!....Natasha's Really Big Natural Titties are great for removing those nasty stains from our kitchen surfaces!....But how do they measure up when it comes to getting all of that nasty jiz out of our cocks?"....Well I can assure you!.....After 30 seconds of scrubbing your dick between Natasha's Really Big Natural Titties, there won't be one single drop of jiz left in there!....So do yourselves a favor....Take a look at these pictures and watch this short video describing some of the amazing things Natasha can do with her Really Big Titties!....After you do, I guarantee you'll want to throw out all of your old household products, grab Natasha's titties.....and start using them on your kitchen surfaces and cocks!

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Sunday, December 27th, 2009
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce quicktime movie 4
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce climb into Voodoo's van Natasha smiles and grabs Bella's tits Natasha Dulce and Bella Blaze rub their tits together Bella Blaze fondles Natasha Dulce's tits while the two girls make out
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce quicktime movie 3
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce rest their huge, natural boobs on Voodoo's head Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce suffocate Voodoo with their big tits Voodoo licks Bella's pussy while she kisses Natasha Bella takes out Voodoo's cock and shows it to Natasha
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce quicktime movie 2
Bella and Natasha start sucking dick Natasha cups her titties while Bella sucks dick Bella Blaze dangles her huge boobies in Voodoo's face while he fucks Natasha Voodoo fucks Bella Blaze and eats Natasha Dulce's pussy while the two girls kiss
Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce quicktime movie 1
Voodoo fucks Bella doggy style while Natasha plays with them both underneath Bella rests her head on Natasha's huge pillows while being titty fucked by Voodoo Voodoo titty fucks Natasha until he cums on Bella's tits Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce with their enormous boobs covered in jiz
As we're all well aware, it's holiday time....which means lots of food....lots of alcahol...and, hopefully, being flashed by lots of drunk hotties!.....But because some guys seem to think it's OK to just jump in their cars with a bottle and a couple of busty babes, I thought I'd take the opportunity to warn you about the some of the dangers of driving under the influence of big tits!.....To illustrate, I've composed this little picture/movie gallery showing the effect a couple of huge-hootered-honeys like Bella Blaze and Natasha Dulce can have on a, most-of-the-time, sensible guy like Voodoo!....As you will see, this is no joke!...Voodoo is, completely, unable to concentrate on his driving! one point, he, even, takes his eyes off the road and turns around so as he can cop a feel of Bella's and Natasha's astonishing cans!.....But then...this is what happens when you allow girls with such big, beautiful tits into your vehicle!.....I know it seems like harmless fun...But big tits are known to impair a man's judgement...Not to mention making objects in your pants appear bigger than they really are!....We all love to indulge, a little, this time of year....Especially with amazing titties like Bella's and Natasha's.....But please, for your own sake, try to keep your cock away from them, while you're driving!.....Or, at the very least, make sure you stop the car before you jiz on them!

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