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Vital Statistical Anomaly

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
Vital Statistical Anomaly
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The amazing round, brown ass of zena zena in her little white sports bra and pink shorts Zena shows us her pink bra Jmac checks out Zena's awesome mega booty
zena in the car Zena and Jmac out in the yard Jmac buries his face in Zena's ass Zena goes for Jmac's fly
Zenz goes to work on Jmac's dick Zena pulls her butt floss up under her oiled up butt cheeks Jmac takes a nice bite out of Zena's ass Zena rides Jmac in cowgirl
zena gets fucked in reverse cowboy zena gets fucked doggy style Close up of Zena's ass in doggy style POV Zena takes a stream of nut across her face
A goodbye booty jiggle from come covered Zena
The delightful young lady in the above gallery goes by the name of Zena and holy fucking crap!....Does this chick put the ass in hour glass, or what?.....I can tell you that while I was watching her, I found myself completely amazed not only in my capacity as a sick, pornography loving pervert....but also in my lesser know capacity as a man of science!......No matter which way I looked at it or how I crunched the numbers, Zena's astonishingly well-proportioned curves just didn't seem to add up....And according to all my shake of that mouth-watering mega-booty should have been all it took to snap that teeny, tiny, little waist of hers completely in two!.....But thankfully, with the exception of one or two jiz splatters on her face, Zena emerged from this scene completely in tact!....Which either means that she's so hot that she completely defies all the laws of physics or, possibly, that my calculations were slightly off.......I'm confident that it's the first one but there is a slight chance it's the second....So in order to prevent a waist-related advice to you, Zena, is to always shake your ass in exactly the same way as you did during this scene....No more....And definitely no less!

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