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Cloning Kaylyns

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
Cloning Kaylyns
Kaylyn Carter movie
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Enter Reality Kings
Today at MyBustyCams, we'll be taking a look at the controversial subject of cloning and explaining why we should pursue this science despite some of the very convincing arguments against it!.....In the past, I myself had been on the fence about this difficult issue!....In fact, I didn't come down so decisively in favor of it until I saw these pictures of Kaylyn Carter and realized we needed more of her!....I have no idea when this awesome trend of hot black chicks cutting holes in the back of their pants began......To be honest, I really don't care!......I'm just counting on the sight of that beautiful exposed booty to prompt you to send donations to support my proposed Kaylyn cloning research fund!....To further convince everybody of society's desperate need for more Kaylyns, I ask you to look at how happy Voodoo and David Perry are made by sharing just one Kaylyn!.......Then take a minute or two to imagine the possibilities!....If we could just technologically advance to the point where we could successfully clone this foxy mama...not only could Voodoo and David each have a Kaylyn of their own...we could all have one too!

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