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Deep Thoughts And Even Deeper Cheeks

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Deep Thoughts And Even Deeper Cheeks
Bikini clad Eve Madison and Rane Revere pose with Voodoo A booty shot from Rane and Eve Eve and Rane smile at the camera and feel up each others boobs EVe exposes Rane's nice titties
Rane sucks on Eve's nipples Rane peels off Eve's pink panties Eve peels off Rane's blue panties Eve and Voodoo undress Rane
Rane sticks out her booty and sucks on Eve's titties Rane and Eve make out while Voodoo licks Rane's pussy Closeup shot of Rane Revere sucking Voodoo's cock Eve sucks voodoo's dick while Rane licks his nuts
Rane rubs Eve's ass cheeks while Voodoo fucks her Eve gets fucked doggy style and goes down on Rane Rane rides Voodoo while tweaking Eve's nipples Rane and Eve pose in doggy while Voodoo fucks Eve
Rane Revere and Eve Madison get their gorgeous asses covered in cum
In the last post, I featured Bella Blaze!....A smoking-hot, white girl with superb titties and a really great ass!.....But while I was extolling the virtues of Bella's boobies, I was struck by, just, how shallow I must have sounded!.....So just to prove I'm not in the least bit shallow, I thought I'd do the exact opposite, in this post, by featuring Rane Revere and Eve Madison....Two smoking-hot black girls with superb asses and really great tits!....You see!....I do have some depth, after all!.....Oh!...That reminds me....while I'm on the subject of depth....when watching the, above, free clip, please pay close attention to the awesome spectacle of the gusset of Rane's bikini bottoms flashing and disappearing between the wonderful crevices of her butt cheeks as she shakes her booty!....And if you're ever lucky enough to watch the whole'll be difficult to find a sight more pleasing than both these girls jiggling their perfect asses after Voodoo has just covered them in cum!.....I can promise you that I haven't seen anything so hot since I watched Bella Blaze shaking her perfect titties after Voodoo had just covered those in cum at the end of the scene featured in the last post!....Shallow...Me?....I don't think so!

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This Is Your Cock On Chocolate

Sunday, September 20th, 2009
This Is Your Cock On Chocolate
Booty galore from thong bikini clad babes, Codi Bryant and Rane Revere
Codi Bryant invites us to check out Rane Revere's natural tits Rane grabs Codi's boobs and gives them a little jiggle Booties in the pool from Rane and Codi
Codi uses her water bottle to spray Rane's gorgeous ass
Sexy black pornstars, Codi Bryant and Rane Revere pose in their bikinis Voodoo gets an eyeful of delicious, round, brown booty Codi and Voodoo give Rane Revere's booty some well deserved love
Lucky old Voodoo gets his cock sucked by Codi Bryant and Rane Revere
Codi feeds Voodoo's cock to Rain Rane Revere plays with her pussy while  Codi Bryant gets fucked by Voodoo Codi Bryant rubs Rane Revere's clit while wobbling her ass on Voodoo's dick
Rane does a little booty jiggle on Voodoo's dick while eating out Codi
Codi Bryant helps Voodoo fuck Rane Revere doggy style Codi Bryant plus Rane Revere  equals ass everywhere Codi Bryant and Rane Revere get their beautiful asses covered in jiz
It was very painful for me to write this article because it deals with a subject that's just a little too close to home.....You may have already guessed that I'm talking about's addictive properties!......When we hear the word "addiction" most of us instantly think of drugs like heroin and crack cocaine...And to some..the idea of chocolate addiction seems a little silly!....But I'm here to tell you that chocolate addiction is no laughing matter....and if you're thinking about experimenting with chocolate, you should maybe take a look at some of these images, first!.....The man depicted here is called Voodoo...and he is suffering from the second worst case of chocolate addiction I've ever seen!....Voodoo has become so obsessed that just one hit is no longer enough....And as if that weren't bad enough....his insatiable chocolate cravings have led him to two of the most difficult sweetmeats to kick....The irresitable Codi-Bryant-Cluster....and the equally habbit-forming Rane-Revere-Surprise.....I, myself, can understand just what poor Voodoo is going through...You see...The worst case of chocolate addiction I've ever seen is me!.....And even now, after several interventions from caring family members, I stare lovingly at delicious treats like the Codi and the Rane and desperately long for just one quick taste!....To all those reading this....remember...this is your cock on chocolate....And to you, Voodoo....Stay strong, you poor, lost, chocolate-addicted soul....You can beat this!
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