List of blog posts starring Kapri Styles

List of blog posts starring Kapri Styles
Kapri Styles post 10
Wanna have some fun?....Tell Kapri you don't believe she can touch her toes.....She falls for it every time!
Kapri Styles post 9
Keiran and James don't realize that their wives, Kapri and Candice, have a little lesbian thing going on...I do hope they never find out....I can imagine how upsetting it would be to walk into your room to find Kapri and Candice making out in your bed!
Kapri Styles post 8
In this one, Mark gets to fuck, both, Kapri and Hypnotiq in the ass....I think that look on his face, just about, says it all!
Kapri Styles post 7
Ian used to really hate the taste of baby oil!....Then, one day, he added a little of Kapri's booty...and now he never wants to eat anything else!
Kapri Styles post 6
This is a wonderful little game called "Dry Humping Kapri"!....If you can go more than 2 minutes without nutting, you proceed to the blowjob round
Kapri Styles post 5
Here Kapri shows us how well she can work a pole....Which is extremely good news for Keiran Lee!
Kapri Styles post 4
In this post, Kapri has to suck the coach's cock so as he won't tell the principal she was smoking....But I don't think it'll help...Everybody can see she's smoking!
Kapri Styles post 3
If you look at this pic for long enough, Kapri's ass seems to start jiggling!....But it's, actually, just your head bobbing up and down from jerking off
Kapri Styles post 2
This one features some hot girl, girl action from the Styles girs, Kapri and Lavish....Don't worry!....They're sistas, not sisters!
Kapri Styles post 1
A nice little Kapri gallery from and some clips of Kapri from Northstar's Itz A Black Thang

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