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Undercover Slut

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Undercover Slut
London Keyes poses in a sexy schoolgirl outfit Budding journalist, London Keyes goes after her story
Keiran tries to get London's camera London shows Keiran some compromising photos
Keiran squeezes London's boobs from behind London Keyes sucking dick
London Keyes gets choked and titty fucked London licks her own nipple while being fucked on the schoolroom desk
London Keyes gets fucked London Keyes gets fucked, doggy style
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The sordid goings-on at the Brazzers Academy For Sluts have finally been blown wide open due, largely, to the work of plucky, young school paper editor, London Keyes!....We've all wished we could get a few of those Brazzers sluts in a room for a couple of hours and give them what they had coming to them...And now...thanks to this wonderful exposé by London, somebody almost certainly will!....It had long been suspected that School Principal, Keiran Lee, was fully aware of the rampant sexual activity happening under his very nose...And here, London's top-notch, undercover reporting proves Lee was not only aware of these activities...but that he has been actually taking part in them, himself!....But do be warned...these images are very graphic and leave nothing to the imagination....And when you're watching London dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit while acting like a slut, at times it's going to get extremely hard!...But I think you'll agree that there is a desperate need for us all to see the kind of slutty behavior these Brazzers Girls have been exhibiting!....And I, for one, would sincerely like to thank Miss keyes for the part she's played in bringing this slutty behavior out into the open!

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