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Probing Gemini

Friday, August 6th, 2010
Probing Gemini
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Enter Reality Kings
Today at MyBustyCams, we'll be taking a look at the relatively new science of ass-tronomy!.....Just like the more traditional science of astronomy, ass-tronomy's main focus is the study of celestial bodies....But rather than looking towards the heavens to find beauty, we ass-tronomers believe that there are far more wonderful bodies to look at, right here on earth!.....Right now, we are looking at the celestial body of Gemini with our intrepid explorer, Jmac!.....As you might imagine, as soon as he saw the photographs of Gemini, this fearless ass-tronaut knew he had to fly out there and probe the surface of this rising, new star's body up close!.....In case your wondering, the cost of Jmac's exploration of Gemini was financed by Reality Kings and was roughly estimated (by me) at between $3,000 and $10,000!.....Compare this with the cost of sending a man to mars which has been estimated at anywhere between $20 billion and $400 billion...and I think you'll agree that We, Reality Kings and Jmac all got a pretty-good. fucking deal!....That's why I'm proposing a new governmental agency called NASSA....which doesn't stand for anything but does have the word "ass" in it!.....If the government would only throw a few measly million of that space budget our way, chances are, we ass-tronauts could probe Gemini as much as we liked!

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