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ED cure

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
ED cure
Cassandra Calogera and Sara Stone in sexy nurses uniforms
Today at MyBustyCams, we look at   Breast Worship 3!....Six vignettes...each one focusing on one crucial moment in the life of auter, Jules Jordan!....In this scene, Jules bravely documents his struggle with erectile dysfunction....and how he eventually overcomes this struggle with the help of two be more accurate....two busty sluts dressed as nurses...played by Cassandra Calogera and Sara Stone!....In the movie, Jules does a very convincing job playing himself....But the best performances come, without a doubt, from Nurse Calogera and Nurse Stone....the aforementioned busty sluts!....These two natural breasted wonders may never have seen the inside of a nursing school....but as Jules discovers here, there's nothing quite like two fake RN's with real DDs who give great BJs, to cure your ED!

So did I!....For some reason, these 4 clips stop playing after a couple of seconds!....But when it does stop playing, if you place your cursor just to the right of the red bar and left click your mouse, the rest of the 30 second clip should play....Sorry about that!

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Pumpkins A La Calogera

Sunday, November 1st, 2009
Pumpkins A La Calogera
Cassandra Calogera poses with her huge pumpkins
Voodoo carves out a pumpkin while Cassandra strips Cassandra's ass Cassandra holds up her halloween costume
Voodoo prepares to enjoy some pumpkins a la Calogera
Voodoo weighs up Cassandra's assets Voodoo enjoys sucking on one of Cassandra's big natural titties Voodoo eats out Cassandra's sweet pussy
Cassandra rewards Voodoo with a titty fuck
Cassandra holds Voodoo's dick with her tits and wriggles her tongue ring around in the tip Cassandra very kindly agrees to suck Voodoo's cock for him Voodoo fucks Cassandra over the table
Voodoo fucks Cassandra doggy style
Voodoo fucks Cassandra in reverse cowgirl Cassandra dribbles down Voodoo's dick Cassandra titty fucks Voodoo till he nuts
After a 23 year wait, you'll be glad to know that, this Halloween, Cassandra Calogera's pumpkins were finally ready for consumption!....I, personally, have been examining the growth of these magnificent works of nature for the past two years, now....and I must say that they have really grown to an astonishing size.....As I'm sure you can imagine, when Voodoo saw how luscious and ripe Cassandra's pumkins looked, his immediate thought was to just dive in!...But Cassandra has spent a long time perfecting those super-size squashes to the ideal level of squishiness...And, during that time, she's come up with a few ideas about how her pumpkins can be enjoyed to the fullest!.....First, she says, that you should never just bite into them!....They'll be alot more enjoyable if you just hold them and admire them for a while....then squeeze and massage them a little.....After this, licking and sucking the juice out tastes the best, although, a little nibble, now and again, is sure to taste good, too!....If you're really in the mood, Cassandra suggests that you wrap her pumpkins around a big slab of meat and enjoy them that way....and I must admit it certainly looks very appetizing, indeed!....But for all Cassandra's expertise, it was Voodoo who had the best idea when he took Cassandra's pumpkins and covered them with cream....Gourd Almighty that looked good!

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Elle Ryan in Titty Time
Elle Ryan

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Angelica Raven in Voluptuous Vixen
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Cassandra Calogera

Two Pairs Wins

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Two Pairs Wins
The lovely big, natural tits of Cassandra Calogera and Sierra Skye
Sierra uses her ample cleavage to distract the dealer Cassandra flashes her big titties Sierra and Cassandra compare boobies
Cassandra watches Jordan squeezing Sierra's titties
Jordan, Cassandra and Sierra take the dealer to the cleaners Sierra removes Cassandra's skirt Sierra and Cassandra make a move for Jordan's cock
Cassandra and Sierra suck one side of Jordan's dick each
Cassandra and Sierra get ready to start sucking Jordan fucks Cassandra's tits Sierra smiles as Jordan gives Cassandra a good doggy style fucking
Sierra and Cassandra rub smother Jordan's dick between their huge boobs
Cassandra squeezes Sierra's tits while Jordan fucks her Sierra gives Jordan a nice titty fuck Jordan sprays Cassandra's and Sierra's tits with jiz
When you're at the casino, it doesn't matter which game you're playing, if you're holding two pairs you'll always win!....That's what Jordan Ash told me the other day and I just thought he was full of shit!....Then he explained that the two pairs he was talking about belonged to Cassandra Calogera and Sierra Skye...and I began to catch on!....As it turns out, Jordan always takes them with him when he goes to the casinos....And even the best dealers are too busy staring at their tits to concentrate on the game!....The last time they went, Cassandra and Sierra were showing so much cleavage that the poor dealer had to excuse himself!.....I have no idea what he was doing but, apparently, he was gone for a full 45 minutes!....This, of course, left the ever horny Jordan alone in an empty room with a couple of huge breasted hotties....So he suggested that maybe the three of them should get naked...and seeing as neither Cassandra nor Sierra had ever done it on a blackjack table before....they thought it might be fun to give it a try!....So not only did he get to hold two pairs....he got to rub his face in them and fuck them, too!....I don't know how that motherfucker does it but the next time those three go to the casino, I'm tagging along, as well!
In clip one, Danielle gives Jules a nice blow job
Play Clip One
In clip two, Jules fucks the wonderfully flexible Danielle on the couchPlay Clip Two
In clip three, Jules fucks Danielle's beautiful asshole, doggy stylePlay Clip Three In clip four, bounces her butthole up and down on Jules's dickPlay Clip Four

Sierra Skye

Cassandra Calogera

Sex For Toys

Friday, February 6th, 2009
Sex For Toys
Cassandra Calogera takes her lovely big natural tits out of their red shirt Cassandra hitches up her skirt to reveal no panties Cassandra gives the camera a naked booty shot Cassandra squeezes one of her nipples and uses a large sex toy on her clit Cassandra cups her boobs and sucks cock
Cassandra licks up the rest of the jiz after the guy shoots his load over her tits
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Dude pokes his dick through Cassandra's cheek Cassandra Calogera deep throats Cassandra squishes her boob against the dude's belly while giving him head Cassandra leans back and rides Cassandra spreads her pussy lips while getting fucked
Cassandra gets spooned Cowboy Cassandra Cowboy Cassandra from the side Cassandra licks her own nipple while being fucked from behind Cassandra gets fucked doggy style
Whenever the guys from Big Tits Curvy Asses need to get their hands on a busty babe for a fuck scene, the first place they check out is the sex toy department at the local adult store!.....You can bet your ass there'll be at least one girl in their who has no qualms about performing some of the nastiest acts imaginable in front of a camera!.....And today was no different!.....They spotted this girl in the vibrator section...She was wearing a little red top and a short black skirt....and as soon as they saw the size of some of the dildos she was looking was clear that this was a girl who'd be up for pretty much anything!.....They could see from the back that this chick had a great ass....but nothing could have prepared them for the beautiful pair of tits that confronted them when she turned around!.....It turned out this chick was a model!....Her name was Cassandra Calogera and as they suspected, she was prepared to perform pretty much any sexual act they asked her to!....All they had to do was buy her a couple of the huge dildos she had her eye on!....It must be said, though, when they got her back to the house....this girl seemed to love real dick way more than toys!....I guess the dildos were for the odd night she spends at home alone...Hmmmm!!!!...I wonder where Cassandra lives!

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