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She’s So Fine

Saturday, May 29th, 2010
She's So Fine
Some fabulous booty from the serioulsy fine Melrose Foxxx Melrose shows off her beautiful, natural titties
Melrose Foxxx in a sexy, naked, all-fours pose Melrose shows off her lovely, round ass and bulging pussy
Melrose Foxxx introduces herself to Marco Banderas Melrose and Marco arrive at the house
Marco pulls down Melrose's denim skirt and checks out her booty Melrose looks back at Marco as he fucks her doggy style
Side view of Melrose Foxxx being fucked from behind Melrose Foxxx gets fucked in reverse cowgirl
Melrose displays mucho ass as she gets fucked Melrose Foxxx sucking dick
Melrose closes her eyes and sucks cock Melrose opens her mouth and jerks off Marco
Marco nuts in Melrose's mouth Melrose poses covered in jiz
Enter Reality Kings
Generally, I try not to post anything that's more than a month or two old....It's not like the material I use is rare...and I figure if it's any older than that, most people have probably, at least, seen the free version already!....But, every now and again, I watch an old scene that gives me such a boner that I don't really give a crap when it came out or who's seen it....And an excellent example of one of these erectifying instances would be this little chestnut from 2008!....It's from Round And Brown and stars the wonderful Melrose Foxxx...And...Holy fuck!....This chick's so fine you could cut your dick on her!.....That's why I was so concerned when I hit the play button and saw that Marco Banderas had bumped into Melrose down at, of all places, the baseball park!....You know full well that this sexy, little freak's pussy's gonna be sopping wet from watching all that long, hard wood and those big balls flying around!....So when Melrose inevitably comes on to Marco, he has two choices: :  He can either leave the park alone with a serious case of blue balls....or he can choose to leave the park with the super-fine Melrose!....I know!...I know!...That's really only one choice!.....If I were you, Marco...I'd take a few band aids along, just in case!

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Nobody Shakes Ass Like A Pornstar

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Nobody Shakes Ass Like A Pornstar

Jada Fire in a pink tube top and shorts Jada Fire naked squatting booty shot Melrose Foxxx in a stripy halter top and denim shorts Melrose Foxxx sits naked with her legs open Melrose and Jada discuss lingerie Melrose smothers James Deen with her ass

When pornstars, Jada Fire and Melrose Foxxx heard James Deen say that nobody could shake their ass as well as the girls in the music videos, they were so pissed that they decided to teach the motherfucker a lesson!....So they both stripped out of their clothes and took it in turns to hold him down while the other one wiggled her ass in his face!....James couldn't quite believe what he was seeing....The two sets of delicious chocolate buns were making those video hoes look like a bunch of rank amateurs!....Not only that...but Jada and Melrose also took it in turns sucking his cock while the other one licked his nuts!.....After he finished fucking Jada and Melrose, James started to look at the wannabe booty shakers in the videos in a different light.....He now understood that you've never really seen a booty bounce until you've seen it bouncing on the end of your dick....And there was no way any of those girls would give up their pussies as easily as these two pornstars had!.....That day, James learned a valuable lesson.....Nobody shakes ass like a pornstar!

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James checks out the two big black booties
Jada and Melrose strip for James
Jada tea-bags James Deen while he fucks Melrose
Melrose sucks off James while Jada licks his balls Jada sucks on James Deen's cock while Melrose sucks on his nuts Jada Fire licks one of her nipples while Melrose Foxxx licks the other James fucks Jada while eating Melrose's pussy Melrose sucks on James's balls while he fucks Jada in reverse cowboy Jada guides James's dick into Melrose's pussy

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