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Riff Raff Like Devon

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Riff Raff Like Devon
Devon Lee poses by the pool in a blue bikini Devon Lee oils herself up
Devon Lee sees trouble coming in the form of waiter James Deen James strips Devon of her towel
James puts Devon across his shoulder and carries her off to the laundry room James checks out Devon's big booty up close
James spreads Devon's pink pussy and fingers her asshole Devon Lee sucks James Deen's dick
Devon Lee gives head Devon Lee in cowgirl
James fucks Devon on the laundry room floor Devon Lee in reverse cowgirl with her legs in the air
James fucks Devon's ass doggy  style Devon Lee does anal with James Deen
James cums in Devon's mouth Devon Lee poses with jiz running from her tongue and onto her tits
The LittleBottom Boulevard is one of the most exclusive resorts in the when they invited the MyBustyCams team over to do a story, we were absolutely thrilled!....Unfortunately, our time spent rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous was ruined when it was discovered that pornstar, Devon Lee had been spotted on the grounds!.....This was an absolutely stunning breach!....LittleBottom is known, worldwide, for being full of rich women with bony exactly how Devon managed to sneak that huge spank-magnet of hers passed security is beyond me!.....But on the bright side, one person who did notice Devon's oddly-out-of-place booty was brave head-waiter, James Deen....and you'll be pleased to know that he wasted no time in confronting this cheeky gatecrasher and confiscating the LittleBottom towel she'd stolen!....As is customary in these situations...James then hauled Devon's shapely ass down to the laundry room where he fingered it, fucked it....and finally flung her out on it!.....I say, James...Good show!....Riff raff like Devon simply cannot be allowed to bandy their booties about in polite society!....Thanks to you, if she ever shows her big ass at LittleBottom again....Miss Lee will know exactly what to expect!

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