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Super Star Bra

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
Super Star Bra
Alison Star movie
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Enter Reality Kings
After much preperation, it's good to see that Hungarian pop-sensation, Alison Star's music career has finally taken off!.....I know, first hand, that a hell of alot of hard work goes into creating the software that controls her singing voice....And anyone who saw Alison's performance at the Grammy's this year will surely understand the academy's decision to suddenly create a a special, one-time-only, Outstanding Achievement Award for "Most Arousing Matching Bra and Thong"!......With her obvious musical talent and her stunningly captivating underwear, Alison is going to need strong representation....That's why we find her here today attempting to negotiate some kind of contract with dueling agents Jordan and Ramon.....The two hopeful headhunters have been tempting our budding superstar with really big things....So the savvy songstress wants to make sure she samples everything they both have to offer!.....Now I know what you're thinking!....Jordan and Ramon?....Can she really trust those two?....Won't they just try to take advantage of her?....Well of course they will!....But you're underestimating Alison's determination to get what she wants!....Believe me!...She won't be letting those two out of that room until she's completely satisfied!

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The Magnificent Alison Star Booby

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
The Magnificent Alison Star Booby
Alison Star reclines in a skin tight cleavage revealing dress
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It is 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon....and the crew and I have all gathered around in  Mike's Apartment......We have received word that a couple of extremeley rare, European Alison Star Boobies have been spotted there...and if this is true...we certainly do not want to miss it!.......The crew have all been warned about the dangers involved....For unlike the harmless, Blue-Footed Boobies of the Pacific which feed almost entirely on fish.....over the years, the Alison Star Booby has developed a taste for the male penis which she attracts with an alluring booby dance....Once it is within striking distance, the boobies attack...mercilessly squeezing the penis until it stiffens....erupts...and eventually falls limp......

3:20 arrives...and the crew and I have now lost all hope of ever seeing a booby.....But just as we are about to pack up our equipment and leave, we become aware of some jiggling....and when we turn around, we are confronted with not one..but two magnificent Alison Star Boobies....

Each booby is even more delightful and majestic than we had imagined....and we spend 10 minutes or so simply admiring their beauty....But then...terror strikes!.....The enchanting dance of the boobies proves too much for one member of our staff....And before we can stop him, his penis is firmly trapped between the two boobies....It is too late...

45 minutes later, our crew member returns to us....His once proud penis now hangs lifeless....Yet despite his misfortune, this brave fellow still manages to give us a smile.....A really, really....big smile!....

It is now 4:20pm...and all in is a good day....It is true that we have lost one of our best penises...but we all knew the risks...and it was worth it to achieve our goal.....We have now all seen a pair of magnificent Alison Star Boobies in the well as a wonderous sight that we were not prepared for.....Two glorious, Cum-Speckled Tits.


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