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The Rise And Fall Of Delilah Strong

Sunday, November 15th, 2009
The Rise And Fall Of Delilah Strong
Sexy lunch lady, Delilah Strong
Hey!.....Does anybody remember Delilah Strong?....Cute girl!....Great ass!.....Starred in about 200 pornos!....Well she's been bouncing around from job to job, lately....And you'll never guess what she's doing now!
Can you believe it?....Delilah Strong's a lunch lady!
Delilah serves up the staff their awful lunch
Delilah gets in the face of a startled customer
Did I say lunch lady?....I meant to say mean, rotten, spiteful lunch lady!....It looks like feeding people anything but pussy turns Delilah into a real bitch!
Jesus Christ!.....I feel sorry for those poor bastards having to eat that crap!
Delilah serves up some more disgusting looking food
A nice shot of Delilah's ass as she cleans a table
It's pathetic, isn't it?....You wouldn't believe it to look at her now but she made an absolute fortune in porn!....Then she blew it all on solid, gold vibrators and gigolos!....And the rest, as they say, is history!
Now things have gotten so bad, she's started shorting the customers on their change to make a few extra bucks!.....Today, though, Delilah's picked the wrong dude to fuck with!....That's Barry Scott she just ripped off....and there's no way he's gonna stand for this bullshit!
Delilah rips Barry off for some change
Barry takes Delilah roughly by the hair
If there's one thing you can say about Barry, it's that he knows his rights!....He's not so concerned about the money but he's, definitely, not leaving here until Delilah gives him something decent to eat!
Now THAT'S more like it!
Delilah Strong gets her beautiful ass licked by Barry Scott
Delilah smiles playfully while getting her ass fucked
Mmmmmm!!!!....That was so yummy even rotten, old Delilah's smiling!....I've heard that her ass juice is particularly sweet!....And I only know one person who loves the taste of ass-juice more than Barry!
And that's Delilah!
Delilah sucks Barry's cock
Barry fucks Delilah's ass doggy style Delilah rides Barry's dick with her asshole Nice pic of Delilah Strong having her lovely big booty fucked Barry nuts onto Delilah's tongue
Well it looks as though Delilah and Barry figured out a way to work through their differences!....But I still maintain that she picked the wrong guy to fuck with!....Who would the right guy have been?...Oh...I dunno!...How about ME, Delilah?!!!!
Delilah Strong lets cum drip from her tongue and onto her nipple
Still.....I guess Delilah's OK, really!....I mean...How many lunch ladies do you know who'll let you fuck them in the ass and, then, spit your jiz down their titties, that way?....It's usually one or the other but, almost, never both!....And so, Delilah...I'm sorry I was harsh, before....But if I'm a little hard on you, sometimes...It's only because of the really, big hard on that you give me, all of the time!

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The Amazing Ass Of Delilah Strong

Monday, October 26th, 2009
The Amazing Ass Of Delilah Strong
Delilah Strong hoses down a car while showing off her lovely big booty
Close up of Delilah Strong's amazing ass in skin tight short shorts Delilah pulls down her shorts around her butt cheeks and cleans the car Delilah Strongs big beautiful soapy ass
Delilah finds two cocks to play with
Delilah Strong goes to work on a couple of big dicks Delilah leads Ramon and Jordan into the house by their penises pic 1 Delilah leads Ramon and Jordan into the house by their penises pic 2
Delilah sits back with Jordan and Ramon and jerks them off
Delilah sucks Jordan's cock while Ramon licks her asshole Ramon slides one finger into Delilah's ass while she sucks Jordan's dick Delilah Strong with one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth
The wonderful Delilah Strong gets her ass fucked and sucks dick
Anal reverse cowgirl shot of Delilah Strong Delilah sucks one dick while watching another one enter her asshole Jordan and Ramon cum in Delilah's pretty face
Well it looks like this is a week for re-discovering old favorites....First it was the amazing tits of Ms. Panther....Now it's the amazing ass of Delilah Strong!....Apparently, Delilah had made so much money from porn that she'd decided to retire....And to keep herself occupied, she'd taken a job at her local car wash.....But let's face can't hide an ass like that for very long....especially when you're wearing such ridiculously tiny shorts!.......So, inevitably, Delilah's unmistakable ass was eventually spotted, last week, when one of the head honchos from  Monster Curves  was flying over the car wash in his private jet!.....When the news about Delilah's ass got out,  Monster Curves  instantly called her and begged her not to quit doing porn.....In the end, the two parties negotiated a deal in which Delilah would be supplied with two big cocks and a suitcase full of cash in return for allowing herself to be filmed - at the car wash - squeezing soap suds all over that amazing ass before having it mercilessly fucked by Jordan and Ramon....Looks like everyone's a winner!


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Brazzers Girls Aline, Alexis Texas, Delilah Strong And The Big Bad Cock

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
Brazzers Girls: Aline, Alexis Texas, Delilah Strong And The Big Bad Cock
Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_1 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_2 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_3 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_4 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_5

Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_6 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_7 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_8 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_9 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_10
Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_11 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_12 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_13 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_14 Alexis Texas, Aline and Delilah Strong_pic_15
Once upon a time, there were three booties....There was Aline's nice, round shapely booty...There was Delilah's big, fat, beautiful booty....And there was Alexis's "Oh my fucking God that thing is AWESOME!!!" booty.....One day, when the three girls were out shopping for sexy clothes to accentuate their big booties, they were accosted by a funny man with a camera....."Would you like to come back to my place and model your new clothes for me" said the man...."Why, yes" said the three girls...and so Aline, Alexis Texas, Delilah Strong and there three big booties all went back to the funny man's house.....But while they were modeling their new clothes....In walked big, bad porno-dude, John West!...."My....What a big cock you have" said Aline, Alexis and Delilah....."All the better to fuck your big booties with"...said the big, bad porno-dude.....So the three girls bent over and raised their big booties in the air!.......But of the three big booties, Only Delilah was willing to allow John West's dick inside!.....So the big, bad porno-dude fucked Aline and Alexis's pussies instead...and when he was finished, the three girls all got down on their knees and sucked his cock until he shot his load all over their pretty young faces....And the moral of this story....If you were hoping to see Alexis Texas getting fucked up the booty in this one, then I'm afraid you're out of luck!

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