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Mika Luv U LongTime

Monday, February 16th, 2009
Mika Luv U LongTime
Mika Tan tweaks her nipple with a pair of chopsticks Mika uses her fingers to play with her nipples Mika opens her legs and shows her pussy Mika flashes her tits Charles Dera chooses Mika Tan from a line of whores at the brothel Charles and Mika get comfy

I really wish I could find alot more Asian pornstars for this blog!....I'm aware that there are a ton of them out there but I really can't quite seem to get into that Asian style porn!.....If only there were more of these Oriental beauties in gonzo porn!....Maybe in the future...and I vow to keep searching!....In the meantime....Thank God for, among a few others, Nautica, Charmane....and the star of this scene, Mika Tan!....Mika looks fucking stunning wearing oriental style clothing in this gallery!....Especially in the first pic!.....Personally, I'd never had any use for chopsticks so I owe Mika a huge debt of thanks for showing me how excellent they are for tweaking a pretty girl's nipples!.....And if you think Mika looks good in those clothes, wait till you hear her speaking in an Asian accent!.....I'm sure I would have been equally turned on if I'd have just closed my eyes and listened to her talking without even watching the clip!...I've yet to test that theory, though....It's a little difficult to keep one's eyes closed when Mika Tan's on the screen!.....Like I said....We certainly need alot more Asian women in gonzo porn but until they arrive....Mika will do just fine!

Mika rubs the bulge in Charles Dera's pants
Mika removes Dera's pants and strokes his dick
Mika gives Dera's dick a good sucking
Mika uses her tongue on the head of Charles's cock Charles fuck Mika in missionary Charles fucks Mika on the sofa Mika grinds her pussy on Charles's cock Charles takes Mika from behind Charles sucks on Mika's nipples while fucking her

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