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How Kya Turned Natasha Nasty

Monday, September 28th, 2009
How Kya Turned Natasha Nasty
Busty babe, Natasha Nice in her black bikini Natasha Nice naked in a hot tub Sexy, busty Asian babe, Kya Tropic Kya Tropic lets her big natural tits out of her pink pokadot bikini Natasha Nice and Kya Tropic rub their tits against each other A frosty time at the dinner table with Natasha's parents
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Poor Natasha Nice!.....For the past two weeks, she's had to sit and listen while her parents extol the virtues of Asian exchange student, Kya Tropic!.....In the past, when her parents have compared her, unfavorably, to other girls...Natasha has taken solace in the fact that her beautiful, natural breasts are always so much nicer than theirs....But...Gosh Darnit!....If Kya's tits aren't every bit as plump and juicy looking as Natasha's!....The real trouble, though, came the other day while the two rivals were out sunbathing by the pool with Natasha's boyfriend....Kya can't speak English very well, you see....So Natasha figured it would be OK to leave her alone with him....After all, there was no way they could have a meaningful conversation....What could possibly go wrong?.....Imagine her outrage when she returned to find the cheating bastard with his cock out of his shorts and his hands all over Kya's delicious, Asian ta tas!...Personally, I wouldn't have blamed Natasha if she'd have dumped his sorry ass right there and then!....But alas....Natasha is only human...and seeing those lovely boobies drenched in oil made her want to ht that Asian pussy, too!.....I guess Natasha will have to wait till next year, for revenge, when she flies over to visit Kya.....I hear that those Asian dudes just love big-ole, white titties!
Natasha Nice gets her lovely body rubbed down by her lucky boyfriend
Natasha catches her boyfriend fooling around with Kya
Kya helps Natasha deep throat her boyfriend
Natasha feeds her boyfriend's cock to Kya while she licks his nuts Natasha fucks her boyfriend while Kya pinches her nipple Kya gets fucked while licking Natasha's pussy Natasha and Kya cup their big natural boobs while getting fucked Natasha gives her boyfriend a hand with Kya's booty Natasha Nice and Kya Tropic with cum on their faces and tits

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Now That’s Heaven!

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Now That's Heaven!
This pic of Natasha and Rucca in their bikinis doesn't do justice to how awesome they actually look
Rucca kindly ties up Natasha's titties Natasha returns the favor and ties up Rucca's titties Natasha shows us how beautiful her friend, Rucca's ass looks in her pink thong
Lovely pic of Natasha Nice and Rucca Page kissing while they smother John Strong's face with their boobs
Rucca Page gets her gorgeous, natural breasts fondled by John Strong John Strong sucks on Natasha Nice's lovely nipples Natasha Nice gets her titties sucked by Rucca Page and her pussy licked by John Strong
Natasha Nice gets titty fucked while tongue kissing with Rucca Page
Natasha Nice squeezes her tits around John Strong's cock and licks the tip John Strong titty fucks Rucca page while she flicks her tongue around in the tip of his penis Natasha deep throats John while Rucca licks his balls
Rucca Page gets her pussy fucked while making out with Natasha Nice
Rucca Page slides what just may be the pinkest pussy ever down on to John Strong's dick Beautiful pic of Natasha's hanging tits as she gets fucked doggy style John sprays Natasha's and Rucca's big, beautiful, natural breasts with jiz
This one's over a couple of years old so you've probably seen all the pics already.....But I watched the whole thing for the first time last night...and it was so fucking awesome that I had no choice but to post it!.....It stars tit-lovers wet-dream, Natasha Nice....who I seemed to have developed another addiction to, lately...And statuesque goddess, Rucca Page....who may just have the pinkest pussy known to mankind!.....I should tell you that it runs on for about 57 if you're a 1001 cumshots type of person, you may want to skip it.....But for those of us who can sit and stare at big, beautiful tits indefinitely, this one's certainly worth a download and then some!....For a start, you'll be so into watching Natasha and Rucca pulling their panties aside and flicking their tongues over one another's assholes that by the time they've done, I promise you, you won't be able to believe they've actually been lezzing it up for over 30 minutes!....And when they finally tear themselves away from each other and start going at John Strong's dick, the rest of the scene looks as though these two wonderful girls are having a private little competition to see if they can suck each other's nipples right off their tits!....From the moment I hit the play button and saw Rucca and Natasha sitting side by side in their mind-blowingly-sexy, skimpy little almost an hour later when they're licking cum off of each other's tits, I swear, I thought I was in heaven.....But I came back down to earth, a little later, when I thought about John Strong sitting back on the sofa getting his dick sucked by the'se two with one of Natasha's boobs in one hand and one of Rucca's in the other.....Now that's heaven!

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Waiting For Natasha

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Waiting For Natasha

Beautiful and busty Natasha Nice Natasha Nice gives us a glimpse of her cute booty
Natasha Nice in a smiling topless pose Topless Natasha Nice cupping her boobs
Natasha removes her little skirt an her thong Naked Natasha grabs one of her ass cheeks Natasha covers up her pussy in a full frontal naked view Natasha presses her hands down on her big tits
Naked Natasha opens up her legs and squats down Natasha Nice folds her arms under her beautiful natural tits Natasha starts Jerking off Trent Natasha gives Trent's balls a lick
Natasha Nice titty fucks Trent 1 Natasha Nice titty fucks Trent 2 Natasha jerks the jiz out of Trent's dick Natasha licks the rest of the cum from Trent's dick
It's been way too long since Natasha Nice has made an appearance on these pages!.....But then, we're almost halfway through 2009 and as as far as I know, Natasha has only done one scene!....What the hell's wrong with her?....Doesn't she realize how much the adult video world needs her boobs?....Thanks to Natasha's unfathomable inactivity, I was forced to go all the way back to 2007 to find this gallery!...It's from ZTOD's Whack Jobs (all handjobs) 2 and it's a good example of just what a little tease Natasha can be when she's in the mood....That poor guy is just aching for Natasha's pussy....but all she'll do is jerk him off!....Natasha's brutal teasing aside, I've seen this movie...and if you don't mind that it's 90% handjobs with just a tiny bit of cocksucking and titty fucking, it's certainly worth a view....And there are a couple more of my favorite pornstars in it, too!....So until she makes another scene, here are a few seconds of Natasha Nice looking as lovely as ever as she jerks off Trent Soluri and slides his cock between her tits....I just wish you could see how hot she looks jerking the cum right out of his dick and into her pretty mouth!

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It’s nice bumping into Natasha

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
It's nice bumping into Natasha
Natasha Nice's big natural tits in an orange see through bikini
Natasha squishes her boobs together Natasha spreads her butt cheeks Natasha tosses her hair back
Natasha squeezes the fuck out of her boobs
Natasha cups her big jugs Natasha Nice licks her own nipple Ramon plays with Natasha's pussy
Nice picture of Natasha takes a closer look at Ramon's dick
Natasha Nice prepares to start sucking Natasha sucks Ramon's dick Natasha rides Ramon
Ramon fucks Natasha in doggy
Natasha Nice in reverse cowboy Ramon titty fucks Natasha Ramon nuts on Natasha's tits
Ramon Nomar was out on his travels, the other day, when who should he bump into but his old buddy, Natasha Nice!....Not that it was unusual to bump into Natasha...In fact, to tell the truth, it's a little hard not to bump into her with those gigantic knockers of hers! was a nice surprise seeing her...and Ramon suggested that if she weren't too busy, the two of them might do a porno shoot together!.....Natasha agreed...and as so often happens in porn...there just happened to be a camera man on hand!....Obviously, Ramon couldn't wait to fuck Natasha...but he wondered if she wouldn't mind performing a few tricks with her tits before getting down to the serious business!....They then came to an arrangement where Natasha said she was willing to put on a tit show as long as Ramon promised to cum on them afterwards!....So Natasha did all the classics!...You know!....Sucking on her own nipples, tying them up with her bikini straps, gyrating them and making them jiggle up and down....It was all the usual stuff but somehow that shit just never gets old!....Afterwards, Natasha got down on her knees and started sucking Ramon's dick....Then they fucked for a while before Ramon fulfilled his end of the bargain and spooged all over her tits.....All in all it was a good day....It's always nice bumping into Natasha!
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