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Try To Put Your Sexism Aside

Saturday, December 19th, 2009
Try To Put Your Sexism Aside
Erika Vution points her big, brown, pierced nipples towards the camera Erika Vution shows us her big, brown naked booty Erika Vution licks her own nipple Erika Vution slides two fingers into her pussy
Erika Vution lays back and cups her big, black, natural titties
Erika Vution holds a basketball Erika Vution grinds her booty against Coach Enzo Lorenzo's crotch Coach Lorenzo takes a peak at Erika's areaolas Erika lets the coach grab her boobs
Erika Vution sucks her basketball coach's dick
Erika rides her coach in reverse cowboy Erika holds onto a basketball while the coach fucks her doggy style Erika gets fucked with her long legs in the air Erika Vution squeezes her big tits together and waits for the coach to cum
Erika Vution poses covered in jiz
Erika Vution has always dreamed of, one day, becoming a world class basketball player......Unfortunately, the negative attitudes towards women that are still prevalent in the male-dominated world of sports have been, constantly, standing in the way of her success.......It would, indeed, be a crying shame if a girl with such a perfect set of natural titties should have her hopes and dreams dashed by a prejudice as outmoded as sexism......Especially when you consider that any basketball team would, most definitely, welcome her with open arms if they had any idea how well she sucks dick!.....One local hero who has been willing to help this aspiring, young hoopster along, with her training, is her coach, Enzo Lorenzo who noticed Erika's numerous talents, immediately!....And, although, trying to coach Erika can quite often be a handful, he insists that this only makes the experience of playing with her more enjoyable!.....In order to, maybe, seduce a few of the many basketball scouts who read this blog, Erika and Coach Lorenzo have put together this video and a few head-shots......So to all you scouts, out there, who watch it....just let me say this....Wheras, it is true that Erika's basket ball skills, certainly, leave alot to be desired....I think you'll find that her superb boobs and awesome ass are to be desired alot!....So put your sexism aside...and try to ignore how badly she sucks on the field and focus on how well she sucks off it!

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It’s Oklahoma’s 21st Birthday (Part Two)

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

It's Oklahoma's 21st Birthday (Part Two)

Busty babes, Erika Vution, Oklahoma and Shawna Lenee out in the woods Erika, Oklahoma and Shawna all flash their boobs More tit flashing from Erika, Oklahoma and Shawna The three girls pitch their tent Erika Vution and Oklahoma rub their natural tits in Shawna's face The park rangers show the girls a beware of bears flyer
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In today's second Oklahoma scene, we find the birthday girl out on a camping trip....As everybody knows, if you're hiking out in the woods, one huge pair of tits is never, just to balance things out a little, she takes along a couple of her big boobed friends in the form of Erika Vution and Shawna Lenee!.....Later that evening, while the three hotties are all making out in their tent, they hear a noise outside....The girls are terrified because they've heard there are bears in these parts of the woods....but when they look outside, it's just a couple of horny park rangers....Still....the girls figure that if there are any bears around, it might not be a bad idea to have some protection.....And there's no way these guys will turn down the chance to spend the evening surrounded by so many lovely, big tits!.....So now...there are three nervous girls and two horny park rangers stuck in a small tent all night.....However will they pass the time?
The girls discuss whether to let the guys in the tent
Erika and Shawna suck one cock while Oklahoma sucks the other
More dick sucking from the three hotties
Oklahoma and Shawna suck a cock each while Erika licks a Cheyne Collins's nipple Erika and Oklahoma gets fucked while Erika eats Shawna's pussy Erika looks back at the cock sliding in and out of her pussy Oklahoma and Shawna get fucked in reverse cowboy while Erika sits on a guy's face Close up of Shawna Lenee getting fucked Erika and Shawna get fucked while Oklahoma gets her pussy and nipples licked

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Erika And Aryanna’s Discount

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
Erika And Aryanna's Discount
Aryanna Starr tries on her new dress Aryanna shows off her breasts and pussy lips Erika Vution in a purple top and jeans Erika gets her tits out and sticks one finger up her pussy Erika and Aryanna kneel side by side naked Erika and Aryanna are confronted by store clerk, Danny Mountain

Hot Black Chicks With Great Big Tits....The new clothing store just opened by the MOFOS network has a strict rule against customers entering the changing rooms with more than two items of clothing!.....So when store clerk, Danny Mountain saw curvy cuties, Erika Vution and Aryanna Starr entering the changing rooms carrying above the minimum, he had no choice but to try and stop them!.......But the two ebony hotties made such a fuss, that Danny backed down and offered them a 50% discount if they'd just shut the fuck up and leave the store!.......Aryanna, however, had a better idea!....She suggested that Danny watch her and Erika changing into their new, sexy clothing....Then...when his cock was hard from seeing all that gorgeous booty, the two girls would give him the fucking of a lifetime!....All Danny had to do was let them walk out of the store with any items of clothing they liked for free!....Perhaps not surprisingly, Danny ended up agreeing that Aryanna's idea was far better for everybody than a 50% discount....And after receiving a good cock sucking from the lovely pair.....just as they'd promissed, Erika and Aryanna allowed Danny to fuck them both just as hard as he liked!....I'm guessing that Danny's going to really enjoy working at this store...I just don't see how he'll ever make any money!

Aryanna subdues Danny
Danny is stunned by the two beautiful black asses
Aryanna licks Danny's balls while Erika sucks his cock
Erika and Aryanna both lick the tip of Danny's dick Erika rides Danny's dick while feeding Erika a mouth full of pierced nipple Erika guides Danny's cock into Aryanna's pussy Aryanna gets fucked doggy style Erika rubs her pussy while watching Danny fuck Aryanna Erika fingers Aryanna while being reamed by Danny

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Erika Vution!..We May As Well Just Surrender!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Erika Vution!..We May As Well Just Surrender!
Erika Vution in a fishnet body stocking and a thong Erika's beautiful pierced nipples poke through the mesh material Erika uses the string of the fishnet to puff out her pussy and accentuate her clit Erika Vution shows off the booty that will eventually destroy us all Erika loses the body stocking and shines up her boobs with baby oil
Larger version of thumb 3
Black booty invader, Erika Vution
Erika Vution's big oily ass Erika opens up for the deep throat Close up of Erika and some dude bumping uglies Erika's pussy gets a doggy style pounding Nice shot of Erika's dangling booby as she gets fucked from behind
Erika gasps as she gets fucked in reverse cowboy Close up shot of a big dick entering Erika's pussy Erika's nipple stud peaks out over the top of her big booty as she gets fucked Erika Vution looking very intense during sex Jiz runs from Erika's lips down her lovely big natural tits
That's it!...The sistas have won!....So far, they've sent, among others, Kapri Styles, Kelly Starr and Stacey Fuxxx to destroy our dicks!....But we somehow managed to survive all that wonderful, ebony flesh...and we lived on to fight another day!....But Erika Vution!....What the hell are we going to do?....We may as well just all give up this instant and bow down before our new big-beautiful-black-booty overladies!....Just in case there was any doubt about the ensuing victory, Erika came prepared with her secret weapon....A flimsy, little, pink, fishnet body stocking!.....Added to all her other not-so-secret weapons that the flimsy body stocking does absolutely nothing to lovely, big, natural tits, the sexy tongue and nipple piercings..and....Ohhhh!!!!..That booty!!!!....And it's assured that our defeat at the hands of lovely Erika and her big-booty army is a foregone conclusion!.....So!...What to do now?...We may as well all just sit back and watch Erika's beautiful ass jiggle back and forth as her perfect, pink pussy gets slammed so hard that it's all the poor guy can do to shoot a thick load of cum all over Erika's beautiful, big lips!.....Damn you, Erika Vution!

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