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Delotta Brown and Amile: Whose The Boss?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
Delotta Brown and Amile: Whose The Boss?
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Sexy, ebony cutie, Amile had just bought a hot outfit to look good for her girlfriend, Delotta!....The trouble was, though, Delotta handled the finances in this relationship...and she was worried that Amile's new sexy costume must have cost a shit load of money!....But Amile knew the way to Delotta's heart!....And it went directly through her pussy!....Delotta just loved to have her cooter licked and penetrated!....So Amile got Delotta's favorite toy, and after eating her girlfriend out for a little while, she placed the blue dildo in her mouth and fucked Delotta's aching, wet snatch with it!.....After a couple of orgasms, Delotta knew that she would end up giving in to her hot, little girl-toy!....After all, she always did!.....But she wanted to show Amile that she was still the boss!....So she made her bend over while she fucked her tight, little, pink beaver with a strap-on!.....But was Delotta really the boss?....It's true, she held the purse strings...but she always ended up giving Amile exactly what she wanted!....And as for fucking Amile with a strap-on.....Like I said....Delotta always ended up giving Amile exactly what she wanted!

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